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Up to 20% Discount and 0% Installment up to 12 Months

Use PermataKartuKredit to get up to 50% discount and 0% installment up to 12 months from Diagnos Laboratory. Promo valid until 31 May 2024. Click the button below to get PermataKartuKredit if you don't have it yet.

0% Installments up to 12 Months

Terms and Conditions:

  • Valid with a minimum transaction of IDR 1 mio.
  • The program is valid for all 0% installment transactions at all Merchant outlets and must use the Yokke EDC machine (PT Mitra Transaksi Indonesia) available at all Merchant outlets.
  • This program is applicable to all types of PermataKartuKredit.
  • The Merchant and Bank reserve the right to cancel transaction if they do not meet the applicable terms and conditions.
  • This program is valid when the transaction is considered valid.
  • Installment transactions are not handled by the Merchant but by PermataBank if there is an EDC error or notification email from the Merchant that the Customer's transaction has not been converted into installments. For more information, contact PermataTel at 021-2985-0611 or 1500111.
  • Each application for 0% installment will incur an administration fee of IDR 25K, which will be charged to the PermataKartuKredit holder on the credit card statement.
  • If the Customer cancels the installment, a fee of IDR 350K per installment transaction applied will be charged.
Get up to 50% Discount

Terms and Conditions:

  • Valid for all types of PermataKartuKredit and PermataDebit Plus.
  • Valid from 1 December 2023 - 31 Mei 2024.
  • The discount details are as follows:
    Discount Package
    40% MCU Standard
    50% MCU Advance
    41% MCU Premium
    29% Prenatal Torch Basic
    29% Diagnos-ing Alergy
    33% DNAandMe Premium
    (Free MCU Standard)
    26% Nutrigenome
    28% Pharmacogenomics
    40% DNAHope Lite

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