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  • Q: What is the Voice ID?
  • A: Voice ID is a technology that helps the process of identifying a person using voice prints as well as identification using fingerprints, retinas and others.
  • Q: How does it work?
  • A: Voice ID uses  voice prints to identify customers through voice recordings.


  • Q: What are the benefits for customers?
  • A: Benefits for customers is that it speeds up the identification process so that during verification the number of questions asked is less/nothing at all.


  • Q: Where is Voice ID service available?
  • A: Voice ID is currently only available at PermataTel.
  • Q: How can customers use Voice ID?
  • A: Customers only need to contact PermataTel to register Voice ID.
  • Q: How much does it cost to enroll Voice ID?
  • A: It’s free, because Voice ID is to improve the quality of our services to customers.
  • Q: Can customer requests/complaints still be processed even though their voice prints have not been enrolled?
  • A: Customer requests/complaints can still be processed according to the applicable procedures, even customer's Voice ID not registered yet . However, the number of verification data requested will be more than if the customer's Voice ID has been registered.
  • Q: What if the customer wants to de-enroll the Voice ID service?
  • A: Voice ID deletion can be done through PermataTel.


  • Q: Can other people use the customer's Voice ID to access the customer's account?
  • A: It can't, because Voice ID technology with its sophistication can detect customer’s voice recordings
  • Q: How if customers have the same voice?
  • A: No two voices are alike, although each individual twin has a unique and distinct Voice print.
  • Q: If the customer has the flu, will it affect the sound?
  • A: No, it can still be identified

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