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An easy and safe way to receive payments for your business


PermataQR shall mean a PermataBank’s banking service that is used to accept payment transactionsvia Quick Response (QR) system based on the QR Code Indonesia Standards (QRIS). 

Name of Issuer

PT Bank Permata,Tbk


The features found in PermataQR in general are receiving payments at the Merchants using the customer's QR code application.

In using this feature, the Merchants will be subject to MDR deductions which the amount of which shall comply with the provisions of the Regulator.

PermataQR can produce QR into 2 types of QR, namely as follows:

  1. Static QR
    Static QR only displays merchant data. Transaction data in the form of nominal of payment must be inputted by the QR user when the QR payment process has been carried out.
  2. Dynamic QR
    In the dynamic QR, the data received by the QR user is equipped with transaction data in the form of nominal of payment along with the Merchant's data, so hereinafter the QR user can directly execute the transaction.

QR forms offered:

  1. Printable QR and Mobile Application (apps): Static QR codes printed in the form of stickers/tentcard/ banners, or other printable forms, where for receiving notifications of transactions at the Merchant, they are given in the form of mobile apps that are installed by the Merchant on their own devices. Mobile apps themselves are applications that can generate QR both in static and dynamic form.
  2. API: is a service that allows the Bank system to connect directly with the Merchant system by using the API (Application Programming Interface), so that the Merchants can use the PermataQR feature through the Merchant’s system itself.

Advantages of Use


  1. Merchant does not required need to pay additional fees for renting the payment receipt device, because mobile apps can be used by using the merchant's own device.
  2. Can accept all QR Code payment transactions that already support QRIS.
  3. All QR payment transactions can be made at thousands of merchants/business units that have established cooperation with PermataBank or the Merchants who have cooperated with the organizers of QR Codes Indonesia Standards (QRIS)

Benefits for the Merchants

  1. Accepting non-cash payment transactions
  2. Mitigating the risk of keeping cash and the difference in payments.
  3. Can receive QR code payments from all issuing institutions of QR Codes Indonesia Standards (QRIS).

General Criteria

PermataEDC is only intended for a PermataBank customer who has been approved to become a Merchant, both individuals and institutions.

Requirements to Become a Merchant

  1. Have a business/have an interest where the business/ interest can be paid through a QR Code transaction
  2. Completing the Merchant Data Form (MDF) and signing the General Terms and Conditions (GT&C) of Cooperation of the Merchant
  3. Opening a PermataBank savings/current account according to the applicable procedures existing in the branch office
  4. Completing the document requirements in accordance with the type of registration (individual/institution) and fulfilling the requirements as a merchant

The Application Process to Become a Merchant

  1. The nearest PermataBank branch office
  2. Marketing Staff for PermataBank Product 

Product Risk

Matters that must be considered by Merchants related to the use of QR, because it can provide the following risks for the Merchants:

  1. A Merchant shall be obliged to ensure that QR transaction notifications appear and are appropriate.
  2. A Merchant must ensure that the QR sticker is placed in a safe location and is easily visible to QR users.
  3. Merchant shall be obliged to ensure the security and confidentiality of the Merchant's user ID and password for the mobile apps.
  4. Merchant shall be obliged to keep the transaction documents for 90 days.
  5. PermataQR Payments require data communication from cellular operators; Merchant shall be obliged to ensure the availability of data communications to be able to receive QR transaction notifications.


Fees charged to the Merchants are Merchant Discount Rate (MDR), the amount of which is specified on the Merchant Data Form

Procedure for Customer Complaints Service

A Merchant can submit complaints to PermataBank through the following:

  1. Orally: Through PermataTel in 1500111
  2. In Writing: 
    1. Come to the PermataBank office network
    2. Visiting the website: www.permatabank.com 
    3. E-mail: care@permatabank.co.id

For further information please contact PermataTel at 1500111.

PT Bank Permata Tbk, registered and supervised by the Financial Services Authority, and is a participant in the Indonesia Deposit Insurance Corporation (LPS)


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