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Affordable Shopping Tips by Shopalogic

Jan 25, 2020
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Have you gone on holiday this year? If you haven’t been to any, now it’s time to plan one with your family. Check out several tips below to create a memorable holiday!

Non-mainstream destinations

If you’re going to a place where it’s currently popular among people, you will most likely need to spend more money compared to if you’re going to a less-popular holiday destination. Let’s start looking for non-mainstream destinations that are exciting to visit with your family!

Create a Travel Itinerary

Make your holiday an unforgettable one by creating a travel itinerary beforehand. This way, you’ll know which destinations to visit and for how long you’re going to spend your time there. But, before choosing a place to stay, make sure to check the hotel promo on PermataMobile Kartu Kredit so that you can save more.

Avoid Peak Season

At peak season like the school holiday, many holiday destinations will be crowded. Besides, these destinations will usually offer a higher price. That’s why it’s better to go in the low season. Not only is it cheaper, but you also won’t have to get in a long queue. Submit a leave request and buy flight tickets in advance with PermataReward Card. You will get 5X Point Reward and the transaction can also be changed to SimplePay 0%.

Allocate a budget according to your financial condition

To keep your finances stability after the holiday, it’s better to allocate a budget before you’re going on holiday. This will allow you to go on shopping without exceeding your budget. However, to ensure your bill won’t go beyond your budget, you can download PermataMobile Credit Card app that will send you a notification for every transaction using Permata Credit Card Make sure everything has been paid off Don’t ruin your holiday just because you forgot to pay your bills.

Make sure to activate the Bills to Pay feature before you’re departing

From electricity to water bills, you can submit them all to your smartphone. Now you can enjoy your holiday to the fullest!

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