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Drives Everything Easy; Here Are 6 Other Advantages of Mobile Banking

Apr 10, 2022
4 Minutes

Smartphones have become an essential part of human life because they are helpful for many things, including mobile banking. This service, whose primary purpose is to facilitate banking transactions, can be accessed via a smartphone, making it more practical. Not only does it make your financial matters easy, but there are also several other advantages of this digital banking product. Here are six of them!

More Flexible Banking Activities
Flexibility is one of the main advantages offered by mobile banking. While there may be people who have not used it to avoid overspending, it provides more advantages than meets the eye. In times of urgency, like sending money for the family or making non-cash payments, this service, which includes digital banking, makes it very easy thanks to the flexibility it provides. Just take a smartphone, open the application, and you can do banking transactions.

Banking Transactions Anytime and Anywhere
Mobile banking is here to make banking transactions possible anytime and anywhere, regardless of time. You no longer need to spend time, energy, and money to visit the nearest bank or branch because most financial transactions are available on mobile banking, such as money transfers, paying for groceries in e-commerce, and other transactions.

Guaranteed Security
No matter what app you use, you want it to be safe. Mobile banking has a security system that you don't need to worry about because, in general, banks have equipped each application with layered security devices. You will also get network security and access.

Each mobile banking account is usually provided with a password and PIN for access so that you can use it safely. Just make sure you don't forget your password, keep it in a safe place, and don't share it with other people.

To increase the security of using digital banking, it's also a good idea to avoid accessing your account via free internet or free Wi-Fi on public services that are less secure. Considering many possible frauds, you must remain sharp not to be tempted by promos or discounts that ask for your identity, especially your banking access.

Free of Charge
The next advantage of mobile banking is that the process of downloading, registering, and using the application is all free, without application subscription fees. So you don't have to worry about costs when accessing it. Fees will only apply when carrying out certain transactions, especially those related to third parties.

Simpler Transactions
Mobile banking will also make all banking matters easier because you can do it more simply. There is no need to spend time and energy visiting banks or Automated Teller Machines (ATMs) for banking activities. You will feel more comfortable because you no longer need to be stuck in a queue to do banking transactions.
Has Many Supporting Features
The various advantages of mobile banking available for customers are related to the variety of supporting features provided. This is also what you will find in the PermataMobile X application, a digital banking breakthrough from PermataBank. One of the main objectives of this application is to facilitate all customer banking transactions.

This mobile banking application provides hundreds of features, making all banking matters easier and simpler. Here are some of them:

  • It makes it easy to open a savings account, apply for a credit card, apply for an unsecured loan, and invest because the entire process is online.
  • Check account mutations up to 12 months.
  • Withdraw cash without a card at Indomaret and PermataATM with the Mobile Cash features.
  • Send money to WhatsApp numbers with the WhatsApp Gift feature.

With the many advantages of mobile banking, it's a shame if you don't take advantage of this application. Therefore, there is no need to think twice about downloading the PermataMobile X application right now. Download the PermataMobile X app on your smartphone and make all banking matters easier!

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