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New Year, New Top-Up Feature at PermataMobile X

Jan 25, 2023
4 Minutes

PermataMobile X is a mobile banking app presented by PermataBank with various features to ease the customers' banking transactions. One of the features to ease the customers is the top-up feature of various merchants that can be used in the palm of customers' hand without having to travel outside. There are various top-up features from e-wallet, games voucher, to electricity (PLN) token.

To welcome the new year of 2023, PermataMobile X expands its service and cooperates with new merchants, such as LinkAja, Smartfren, and Vidio.com. With the addition of the new merchants, the top-up feature presented by PermataMobile X becomes more comprehensive to make your daily needs simpler! 

3 New Top-Up Features at PermataMobile X
To fulfil the customers' needs to make banking transactions simpler, particularly for top-up balance, PermataMobile X is partnered with new merchants, including:

  • LinkAja
    LinkAja is an e-wallet app that can be used for various purposes. These include public transport payment such as Electric Rail Train (KRL), LRT, and TransJakarta, and payment for daily needs such as mobile phone credit and online shopping, that can be done through LinkAja. Using the apps is very simple. When you want to ride the public transport, simply scan the QR code and the transaction is complete!
    A possible challenge might appear when your LinkAja balance is insufficient. However, worry no more because PermataMobile X can solve this problem! Whenever you run out of the LinkAja balance, you can directly top-up the balance through PermataMobile X apps in an easy, quick, and simple way. So, you do not have to worry when you run out of the LinkAja balance when you want to ride the KRL or check out your online shopping transactions.
  • Smartfren
    The next new merchant is Smartfren, a leading cellular operator that provides the most extensive 4G network. As a cellular operator, Smartfren is committed to provide the best service for all of its customers throughout Indonesia. One of the commitments is reflected by the partnership with PermataBank.
    As a PermataBank customer, you do not need to worry when you run out of the Smartfren internet package. With PermataMobile X, you can directly top up for Smartfren internet package with only a few clicks. Say no more to disconnected communication with relatives just because you run out of the internet package.
  • Vidio.com
    As a streaming service from Indonesia, Vidio.com not only provides entertainment such as foreign series and movies but also Indonesian series and movies. Various and complete collections of series and movies will never let you feel bored to use this streaming app. Furthermore, Vidio.com provides sport streaming services such as Premier League and F1.
    Use PermataMobile X to ease your subscription process of the complete service from Vidio.com. The simple subscription process will let you stream various collections without any hassle.

So, those are the new four top-up features provided by PermataMobile X for its loyal customers. The four merchants are included to expand the list of partnered merchants with PermataMobile X to fulfil your daily needs. So, it's so simple to top-up with PermataMobile X mobile banking apps from PermataBank, right?

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