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Welcome the New Year with 6 New Aspirations

Dec 23, 2020
4 Minutes

New year celebration becomes the moment that enriches our spirits to start doing new things. The next year’s post-pandemic life is still full of uncertainties, forcing many of us to simply ignore the upcoming new year celebrations. However, life goes on as usual and so you should never give up. New year, new me! There are always new aspirations for you to try and here are several recommendations that you can try.

Make More Money
Everyone has the desire for extra income, rather than cutting down their spendings. If you only have one main source of income, the new year could be the right moment to start a side business. 

If you’re currently running your own business, do not hesitate to start expanding your business. Take small yet certain steps. Find a business idea that perfectly fits the market’s ability and potential, then raise more funds to initiate it.

Expand Knowledge
It is never too late to learn more. Do you wish to get a higher education level? You can make it happen next year. Perhaps you want to send your children to study abroad? It is possible as long as you start saving money for the education funds.

Remember, education is the key to success. Education is also in line with the first aspiration, which is to make more money. A higher educational degree leads to a possible work promotion and more experiences to manage your business.

Start a New Hobby
Try to balance your schedule in the new year. It is okay to focus on your job and career, but do not forget to spare some me-time at home. You can spend your me-time by relaxing and doing your hobbies. The quote “work hard, play hard” definitely applies for your new year’s aspiration. 

Start by doing a new hobby that you’ve been wanting to try, whether it is photography, painting, cycling, or baking. Don’t forget to get all the necessary tools and equipment ready! You’ll be so proud of yourself once you’ve nailed that new hobby. Besides, a new hobby could potentially be a new source of income.

Get Your Perfect Shape
Do you find it hard to routinely go to the gym this year? Stop putting your dream of having the ideal body on hold. Yes, the upcoming year is still full of uncertainties, but there is nothing wrong with being committed to a routine workout. You don’t need to always hit the gym for an exercise, do you?

You can buy several sporting goods to use at home like dumbbells, running shoes, folding bikes, yoga mats, even funds to hire a personal trainer. Make sure that you maintain a healthy diet by eating fruits and vegetables, as well as cutting fat and carbohydrate intakes.

Visiting Dream Destinations
New year is still weeks ahead, though you should plan your trip as early as possible. Most people have cancelled their plans to go on vacation this year. Therefore, you should plan a new itinerary for the new year holidays with your family!

Pick a destination, be that a local or international one. Then, book the flight tickets and hotel. Make sure to take a paid leave from work! The sooner you book your flight tickets and hotel, the bigger your chance to earn discounts.

Home Renovation
Not only should self-improvement be included in your new year’s aspirations, home improvement should make the list too. Imagine this, you have spent your time almost entirely at home, especially during the transitional large-scale social restriction (PSBB). The comfort and beauty of a home could affect your family’s productivity and quality of life.

Perhaps you want to repaint your house, change its interior, or even add more floors. The new year will be the perfect time for home renovation that you may have planned for a long time.

Whatever your new year’s aspiration will be, keep your motivation to make them come true. Do not let your financial condition get in the way between you and your dreams. PermataKTA is here to become your new best friend for the new year. With PermataKTA, you can get cash up to IDR 300,000,000 with an interest starting from 0.88%. Apply online by using PermataMobile X mobile banking application so you can make your new year’s aspirations come true!

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