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Changes on Citibank Credit Card Payment

Jul 30, 2023
1 Minute

Dear valued Customers, 

Now, Citibank Credit Card (rebranded as UOB Credit Card) payment can be made through the Pay Bills menu on PermataMobile X and PermataNet or the Payment menu at PermataATM.

For further information, please contact care@permatabank.co.id or PermataTel 1500-111.

  • I received information regarding changes on Citibank Credit Card payment method. What are the changes?Citibank Credit Card payment now can be done through Pay Bills menu on PermataMobile X and PermataNet, or Payment menu on PermataATM.
  • Why is this adjustment applied?This adjustment is applied due to the migration of Citibank Credit Card to UOB Credit Card, in accordance with the new terms and policy issued by Citibank.
  • How can I make my Citibank Credit Card (now UOB Credit Card) payment according to this new adjustment?
    • Choose Pay Bills menu.
    • Choose “Credit Card”.
    • Select “Other Card”.
    • Input your credit card number.
    • Input payment amount.
    • Payment confirmation.
    • Transaction done.
  • Will my credit limit be immediately updated in real time?Customers may contact the credit card issuer Bank regarding this information.
  • Is there any additional fee?There will be no additional fee charged to Customer for this payment.

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