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Your Bank Statement View Will Be Simpler

Aug 10, 2023
2 Minutes

Enjoy better experience to view your summary of consolidate saving and investment in PemataBank through PermataMobile X that able to be access 24 hours anytime and everywhere.

If your Bank statement media use e-statement, paper statement, or passbook media has not been consolidated. Therefore, starting 1 September 2023, PermataBank will convert your Bank statement to be consolidated for your convenience and better experience to view all saving and investment accounts into 1 Bank statement.

Bank statement is PermataBank service of consolidate Bank statement for all Savings, Current Accounts, Deposits, and Investment accounts (i.e Mutual Funds, Bonds, and Single Premium Unit Link Bancassurance products) which are registered under same 1 Customer number.

Benefits of Bank statement service:

Items Before Effective from 1 September 2023
Bank statement of all saving and investment accounts Separate in few PDF files or envelopes (except for passbook) Consolidate in 1 PDF file or envelope (except for passbook)
Transaction summary None Available, easier to monitor all saving and investment accounts in PermataBank

This service is exempt from charges. You may contact PermataTel 1500-111 or visit nearest PermataBank branch office before 15 August 2023 in case:

  • If you object to this service, please make a submission and/or objection not to convert your Bank statement into consolidate; or
  • If your account media is passbook but interest with 1 Bank statement, please apply to change the passbook media to e-statement.

You can also able to enjoy the convenience of having e-statement by downloading e-statements on PermataMobile X. Haven't install PermataMobile X application yet? download now at App Store or Google Playstore and follow easy steps to install PermataMobile X in here.

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