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Easy and Quick Way to Give Zakat at PermataMobile X

Apr 04, 2023
3 Minutes

Ramadan is the moment that Muslims around the world have been waiting for. However, Muslims are likely to experience this year's Ramadan during the Covid-19 pandemic, where a number of activities are restricted. One of the limited activities is giving zakat. Muslims usually give zakat directly, but now it seems that it will be difficult. Therefore, in order to avoid transmission of the Covid-19 virus, let's give zakat online.

Nowadays, all banking transactions can be accommodated in one hand, one of which is zakat payment transactions that can be made through the PermataMobile X a mobile banking application from PermataBank. PermataMobile X is an internet-based electronic service that can be used by PermataBank customers to access banking products and perform various types of transactions, including giving zakat.

Giving Zakat Can Now be Done From Anywhere
PermataMobile X is here as your banking solution. This mobile banking app from PermataBank provides more than 200 features in one application, so that all your banking matters can be done easier. The Pay Zakat feature on PermataMobile X is one of the features that can make it easier for customers to give zakat during Ramadan. No need to worry about a pandemic, you can still give zakat online. You can also give zakat in any amount that you want. The process is easy and simple, much like when you pay bills or transfer money to other people.

Here's an easy way to use the PermataMobile X app to give zakat. Enter the amount of zakat that you will give on the application. Next, your request will be processed. After waiting for a while, zakat payments will be completed. The process is fast, safe, and everything is done online. Feel the ease and comfort in giving zakat at every step of your life. Giving zakat during Ramadan can also be more practical even in very limited conditions.

Application That is so Easy to Use
The PermataMobile X mobile banking application can be operated very easily. From the start, PermataMobile X was designed to be age-friendly, so that anyone who already has a KTP (ID Card) can make transactions through the application without significant difficulties. There are various features that can make it easier for you to make transactions, such as fingerprint, QR Pay, Face ID, and digital tokens.

The fingerprint feature makes the PermataMobile X application more practical. Likewise with facial recognition technology or Face ID which can make logging in faster.

Meanwhile, digital tokens allow you to make transactions more easily because you no longer need to use OTP SMS which often fails because your credit runs out. However, with digital tokens, you don't need to bother anymore. Just make sure you have an internet network, then in a few seconds the transaction will be successful, including the zakat payment transaction.

The PermataMobile X mobile banking application is a tool that will facilitate your zakat payments during the fasting month. Its complete features can help you give zakat to zakat recipients during Ramadan. No need to go out of your house, give zakat online with one touch using PermataMobile X!

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