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7 Ways PermataMobile X Makes Your Life Easier

Aug 24, 2021
3 Minutes

Don’t want to leave the house or go to the ATMs and banks? Worry not, PermataBank customers can rely on the PermataMobile X mobile banking application. This digital banking innovation from PermataBank combines hundreds of banking features, usually only available at banks and ATMs, into one application. What are its features? Here are 6 wonderful features that you can experience with PermataMobile X.

Securing Your Future with Investment
Investing is no longer something too complicated to do. Now you can start investing small without having to go to the bank. Investments bring greater returns than regular savings, but make sure you choose an investment product that best suits your needs and risk profile.

To buy investment products, you need a Single Investor ID (SID) which generally can only be registered at a nearby bank. The good news is, you can create an SID as well as buy and monitor your mutual fund and bond investments online through PermataMobile X. So, you can immediately prepare your retirement funds and other future funds with an investment portfolio in PermataMobile X.

Open a Savings Account, Credit Card, and Loans
Instead of going to the bank, it would make life much easier if there is an application that can be used to open a savings account, credit card, and apply for a loan all at once. The solution is PermataMobile X!

Choose from the many PermataBank products through PermataMobile X application, from PermataME savings which have abundant cashbacks to the PermataShoppingCard for those who like to shop online.

For those who need additional funds, no need to change applications, you can apply for an online loan directly from PermataMobile X. The process is fast, easy, and also safe. Funds can be quickly disbursed to your PermataBank account.

Forgot Your Wallet? You Can Withdraw Cash without a Card
Leaving the house without a wallet will not interfere with your day to day transactions. Just open PermataMobile X application and you can withdraw cash at all PermataATM near you using only your phone number.

Not only that, if you forget to bring your wallet and need quick cash, you don't have to find an ATM anymore. With the Mobile Cash feature on PermataMobile X, you can withdraw cash at all Indomaret outlets without any administration fee. The process is very easy and fast, especially since there are more than 18,700 Indomaret outlets throughout Indonesia.

Send Money in a New and Practical Way
Moments like Hari Raya, birthdays, graduations, and weddings are the time for gathering with their social circles. Usually, people carry envelopes filled with money as thanks and prayers for loved ones. This method is certainly not practical because you need to buy paper envelopes and you can only give them face to face. However, there is no need to worry because PermataMobile X can help strengthen your bonds even from far away.

PermataMobile X has a unique feature aptly named WhatsApp Gift where you can send money by selecting the mobile number in your smartphone contacts. What's even more exciting is that you can send it with an animated greeting card from PermataBank. It's so easy, no need to ask for an account number!

Credit Card Installment Application
Have you ever felt exhausted every time your credit card bills get bigger? Well, don't worry! With the SimplePay feature from PermataMobile X, you can instantly convert your credit card bill into installments easily and quickly. No need to be afraid of your increasing shopping needs.

Top-up E-Wallet and Vouchers
Topping-up various e-wallets and purchasing vouchers like PLN and phone credits have never been easier. Now, everything can be done directly from PermataMobile X. You don't need to switch applications, just click and the transaction is complete. Everything becomes more practical without any lagging!

Quick Pay with QRPay
Do you still carry a thick wallet? You don't need to bother carrying a wallet anymore because you can buy coffee, your favorite boba tea, eat at restaurants, and even grocery shopping with the QRPay feature on PermataMobile X. Just open the app and scan the QR code from the seller.

Moreover, you can also make payments by displaying the unique QR code provided by PermataMobile X to be scanned by the seller. That way, even if your phone camera is having problems or the QR code from the seller is difficult to read, you can still make payments effortlessly without a hitch.

These six features above are just a few of the many great features in the PermataMobile X mobile banking application. You can also check account mutations for the past 12 months, buy mobile credit and internet quota, as well as log in to the application using Face ID or fingerprint. Download the PermataMobile X application only on Google Play and the App Store right now!

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