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PermataMobile X

Registration and Cashback Transactions up to IDR 50K

Special for new User, now you can get cashback up to IDR 50K by making transaction and registering on PermataMobile X for two consecutive months. This promo is valid from 1 July - 30 September 2023. Download PermataMobile X now and enjoy the benefits!

Terms and Conditions
  • This program is valid for new customers who register for PermataMobile X services and make top-up or payment transactions for 2 consecutive months, provided that:
    • IDR 30K cashback in first month after PermataMobile X registration and top up or payment transactions (minimum 3 transactions in the same month with an accumulated nominal value of IDR 75K)
    • IDR 20K cashback in second month after top up or payment transactions (minimum 2 transactions in the same month with an accumulated nominal value of IDR 50K)
  • The program period is valid from 1 July – 30 September 2023.
  • Transactions that apply in this program are all Top Up and Payment transactions through PermataMobile X.
  • 1 Customer is only eligible to 1 time cashback during program period.
  • Cashback rewards will be credited to the Customer’s account in the following month within a maximum of 20 working days.
  • Transactions that will get cashback are transactions with the status succeed.
  • The cashback will be credited in Rupiah denomination to the customer's active account with Rupiah denomination.
  • Customers can check cashback on transaction mutations with the narrative ""CB New User Reg (transaction period)"".
  • PermataBank decision is final and cannot be contested.
  • At any time, the Bank, at its own discretion, may change the terms and conditions of the program, or terminate the program with prior notification via the PermataBank official website (www.permatabank.com) and/or other PermataBank official media, and has the right to disqualify a Customer who does not comply or is suspected of commit fraud or abuse the provisions of the program.
  • For more information, please send an email to: care@permatabank.co.id, call PermataTel at 1500111, or Twitter @Permatacare.

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