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PermataMobile X

Pay Monthly Bills and Get IDR 10K Cashback

Enjoy IDR 10K cashback from paying monthly bills using PermataMobile X.

Terms and Conditions
  • Promotion is valid from 10 January 2023 - 31 December 2023.
  • This program is valid for all PermataBank Customers who perform a minimum of 3 (three) bill payment transactions in the same month through PermataMobile X (valid for same or different bill payment).
  • This program applies only to the following types of bill payment:
    Water bill PAM Aetra, PALYJA, PAM Bintaro, PAM BSD, PDAM (excluding Makassar & Surabaya)
    Internet & TV bill FirstMedia, BizNet, TransVision
    Telkom Telkom PSTN, Indihome
    Phone bill All Operators
  • Customers performing transaction adhering to terms and conditions are entitled to earn a cashback of IDR 10K (Ten Thousand Indonesian Rupiah) each month during the program period. The cashback amount is non-cumulative.
  • This promotion is valid for the first 5,000 (Five Thousand) Customers every month, with the following transaction examples:
    • Customer A makes bill payments for TV Firstmedia, PAM BSD, and Biznet Internet bill in the same month. Customer A is entitled to receive cashback IDR 10K (Ten Thousand Rupiah).
    • Customer B makes bill payments for PAM BSD, PAM Bintaro, phone bill, and Telkom bill in the same month. Customer B is entitled to receive cashback IDR 10K (Ten Thousand Rupiah).
    • Customer C only makes bill payments for postpaid phone bill and Telkom bill in the same month. Customer C is not entitled to receive cashback.
    • Customer D makes a bill payment of IDR 150K (One Hundred Fifty Thousand Rupiah) for PDAM water bill and makes two bill payments for postpaid mobile phone bill in the following month. Customer D is not entitled to receive cashback.
  • Upon eligible transactions adhering to the terms and conditions, Customer is only entitled to 1x cashback/month.
  • This promotion can be combined with other PermataBank promotions.
  • Employees of PermataBank are eligible to participate in this Promotion.
  • Cashback will be credited to Customer’s account within a maximum of 20 (twenty) working days of the end of the transaction month, and only applies to accounts denominated in Indonesia Rupiah and with an active status. 
  • PermataBank reserves the right to change the terms and conditions or cancel this promotion program at any time with prior notice through PermataBank official website. If PermataBank determines that you are ineligible to participate in this promotion or to receive any reward under this promotion, PermataBank reserves the right to disqualify any Customers from the benefits of the program when indication of fraudulent activity is identified.
  • These terms and conditions are prepared in Indonesian language and English, In the event of discrepancy between the two versions, the Indonesian language version shall prevail.
  • For further information, please contact PermataBank through care@permatabank.co.id or PermataTel 1500111 or Twitter @Permatacare.

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