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PermataMobile X

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Nothing Comes as
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PermataMobile X

Delivers the best feature lineups for numerous transactions #SemuaMakinBisa

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Hassle-Free Transactions

PermataMobile X is a one-stop banking solution for you. #SemuaMakinBisa makes various transactions quickly in one application.


More Impeccable

More organized appearance. Experience the new feel of banking transactions. #SemuaMakinBisa

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More than 200 Features


Amazing Performance

Feel an extraordinary banking experience. With powerful and responsive technology that makes everything feels brand-new.


Simple, Fast, and Reliable

Enjoy 24/7 transfer transaction with BI-Fast, cardless cash withdrawals at ATMs and more than 18,000 Indomaret stores throughout Indonesia.


More Convenient
Dark Mode

Transactions become more comfortable with the Dark Mode display.


One Application for All Generation

Everyone from all generations can explore the wonderful experience in PermataMobile X.

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Anti Fraudulent Investment

Never feel anxious, make worry-free and safe investments. #SemuaMakinBisa with PermataMobile X.


Shop Effortlessly and Get Various Cashbacks

Shop here and there, get various attractive cashbacks. #SemuaMakinBisa with PermataMobile X.


The Faster, The Better

Pay everything hassle-free and easily. #SemuaMakinBisa with PermataMobile X.


QR Pay Transaction

Left your wallet while on a date? Just scan the bill with QR Pay. #SemuaMakinBisa in PermataMobile X.


Open a Savings Account from Anywhere

Saving money is easy and makes you happy. #SemuaMakinBisa in PermataMobile X.


Hundreds of Features in One Application

Feel a more convenient banking experience with hundreds of features. #SemuaMakinBisa in PermataMobile X.


What Are You Waiting For?

Now #SemuaMakinBisa with PermataMobile X

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Limits and Transaction Fees

Learn more about the fees in PermataMobile X for better transactions.

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Terms and Conditions

Learn more about the terms and conditions of PermataMobile X services.

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