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Terms and Conditions

Terms and Conditions of PermataNet Service

These General Terms and Conditions of Internet Banking Services PT bank Permata Tbk “PermataNet” (with all amendments here in after referred to as ”T&C PermataNet”) is an agreement which regulates the rights and obligations inside the terms and conditions including to the usage of the Internet Banking services by PT. Bank Permata, Tbk., a banking institution registered with and supervised by Financial Services Authority  and the guarantee member of Indonesian Deposit Insurance Corporation (IDIC) domiciled in Jakarta, as a provider of electronic-banking and other banking services (referred to as “Bank”), to customers who act as themselves as the users of Internet Banking services from the Bank (referred to as "Customer").  

Article 1


  1. To the extent not interpreted otherwise, the following words and definitions initial with capital letters shall have the definitions as follows:
    1. “Business Day(s)” is the day on which the Bank operates to performs clearing activities as stipulated by regulator.
    2. "Instruction" is an ordergiven by the  Customer to the Bank via PermataNet to process and complete the Transaction.
    3. “Transaction” means banking activities carried out by Customer via PermataNet, including but not limited, check of balance and account transfer, fund transfer, bill payment, purchase and other transactions provided by the Bank from time to time.
    4. “Token” is Transaction security features to receive a Response Code that can be delivered via SMS Token (short messaging to Customer’s mobile number registered with the Bank) or Mobile Token.
    5. “Response Code” is a one-time special code in the form of a row of numbers sent by the Bank to the Customer via Token to confirm the Instruction. This security code is dynamical in the form of one-time password (OTP).
    6. "Security Code" is the User ID, Password, Response Code, Mobile Token, Trasanction PIN/mobile-PIN and other verification code provided by the Bank, which allows Customers to access their Account and to conduct a transaction through PermataNet.
    7. "Mobile Token" is an additional transaction security measure in the form of a program/software that installed on the mobile phone of the PermataNet Customer which has been previously registered, and used by the Customer to get Response Code from the Bank.
    8. "Transaction PIN/mobile-PIN" is a secret numeric code entered by the Customer during Transaction, which belongs to the Customer and is highly confidential. Transaction PIN/mobile-PIN are created and registered through PermataMobile X and can be changed at any time by the Customer.
    9. "PermataNet" is an electronic banking service provided by the Bank, which can be used by Customers to access their Accounts and conduct Transaction through the internet, with the feature that determined by the Bank.
    10. "PermataMobile X" is an internet-based electronic banking service provided by the Bank that can be used by the Customer to access banking products and conduct Transactions.
    11. "PIN Mobile Token" is a secret code consisting of six (6) digit series of numbers that are owned by customers who use Mobile Token to access Mobile Token.
    12. “User ID” is the identity created by the Customer during PermataNet registration in accordance with Bank’s rules and be used for one of Security Codes to access PermataNet.
    13. “Password” is an alphanumeric combination created by the Customer when creating the User ID which is used for one of Security Codes to access PermataNet.
    14. ”Account” is all current accounts or saving accounts or other accounts that belongs to the Customer on The Bank that can be accessed via PermataNet.
    15. ”Scheduled Transaction” is an instruction for the Transaction issued by the Customer to be executed in the future in accordance with the  Transaction execution schedule made via PermataNet.
    16. ”Recurring Transaction” is an instruction for the Transaction issued by Customer to be executed repeatedly in a given period via PermataNet.
    17. “WhatsApp” is a smartphone messenger application that allows its users to receive and send messages through the cellular telephone number that has been registered with the application.
    18. “WhatsApp Gift” is one of PermataNet feature for customer to give transfer transaction instruction by filling in the recipient’s phone number that registered in the WhatsApp application.
    19. “SimplePay” is the facilities given by the Bank to Credit Card Customer to modify the retail transaction in a specified amount into installments with interest rate and tenure chosen by Customer and Customer shall be charged with administration fee for the application of this facility.
  2. Other terms starting with initial capital letter which are not defined in this T&C shall refer to the definitions contained in the General Terms and Conditions of Account Opening (“T&C of Account Opening”), General Terms and Conditions of Credit Card (“T&C of Credit Card”), and other documents issued by and legally binding upon Bank.

Article 2

Terms and Conditions of the Service Usage

  1. PermataNet services shall be provided to Customer who meets the following qualifications:
    1. Customer shall have Account and/or valid Credit Card in accordance with the applicable regulation;
    2. Customer shall register the application through PermataMobile X or PermataNet services;
    3. Customer shall have a valid e-mail;
    4. Customer shall have active mobile number which is registered with the Bank’s system.
  2. To enable application of PermataNet services, Customer shall have its Personal Computer or Smartphone connected to the internet.

Article 3

Security Code

  1. Security Code is strictly confidential and the authority to use it rest on the Customer, therefore, Customer shall be fully responsible for maintaining confidentiality of the Security Code. Bank shall not be responsible for any disclosure of Security Code by the Customer to a third party, intentionally or unintentionally, therefore, the Bank will not provide indemnity and/or being liable in any form to the Customer or any party of any claim or lawsuit by third party in relation with disclosure of Security Code to the third party.
  2. Customer shall maintain confidentiality of the Security Code through the following: 
    1. Not to disclose / inform the Security Code to any third party, including the Bank’s internal person.
    2. Not recording and storing information of Security Code onto paper or other media that may be possibly known to the third party. 
    3. Confirming security when inputing the Security Code into PermataNet, especially for application in the public area. 
    4. Periodically change the Password and Mobile Token PIN. 
    5. Access to PermataNet via Personal Computer, smartphone or other similar gadget owned by the Customer or under the customer's control.
  3. In the event that Customer find out or suspicious that the Security Code has been disclosed to unauthorized person, Customer shall take precautions by changing the Password and card PIN and notify the Bank immediately so that Bank can take the necessary actions.
  4. The Customer remains responsible for all risks and losses arising from the implementation of Instruction, including an Instruction that is executed as a result of the Security Code that are known and used by the other party until the Bank has received the formal notice to block the User ID and/or debit card and/or the Account of the Customer through media provided by the Bank.
  5. At its sole discretion, the Bank may accept or reject any Instruction that is considered come from Customer whether or not through authentication and verification of the Security Code, without obligation by the Bank to verify identity of the Instruction issuer. If it is deemed necessary to make direct confirmation, Bank may contact the Customer directly in mechanism as specified by the Bank.
  6. The application of Security Code has the same legal effect as written instruction signed by Customer, Customer hereby confirms that application of Security Code in any Instruction also serves as the granting by Customer of authority to Bank to execute any Transaction, including without limitations, account debiting either for the purposes of execution of the Transaction as instructed or for the payment of all possible charges as stipulated in this PermataNet T&C.
  7. For any reason, Bank may at anytime void and/or deactivate Security Code by giving the notification to Customer in accordance with the applicable laws. 

Article 4

Transaction Fees and Limit

  1. For the usage of PermataNet services, the Bank reserves the right to impose charge to the Customer for every Transaction and non-transaction fees (including notification or other banking service fee) performed by Customer, and Bank may, at its sole discretion, amend such fee upon giving notice to Customer through communication means to be determined by Bank in accordance with the applicable laws. 
  2. Customer shall pay to the Bank all charges arising out of the application of PermataNet, including without limitations, transaction fees, non-transaction fees, and taxes to be borne by Customer in accordance with the applicable laws.
  3. All charges incurred shall be debited directly by Bank from the Account and Customer hereby authorizes Bank to debit the Account for the payment of charges relevant to Transaction and application of PermataNet. Customer’s authority granted to Bank shall be irrevocable, not be voided and/or not terminate for reasons set forth in Article 1813 of the Indonesian Civil Cie or for any reason whatsoever.  
  4. Other agreement entered into between Bank and Customer for charges relevant to the application of PermataNet shall survive and constitute an integral part of this PermataNet T&C binding upon Customer.
  5. Access or service fees being part of telecommunication operator service package, including SMS, internet or other charges shall be at Customer’s sole expense.
  6. Limit for any Transaction in the PermataNet shall be suitable with the limit of each Debit Card held by Customer. Bank may amend the limit for each Transaction in PermataNet upon giving prior notice to Customer in accordance with the applicable laws.

Article 5

The Usage of PermataNet

  1. In every Transaction, Customer shall comply with the procedures for the issuance of Instruction and ensure the accuracy and completeness of the Instruction (including ensure that all data required for Transaction has been filled in completely and correctly). 
  2. In conducting Transactions, the Customer can choose one of 3 (three) authentication methods carried out by the Bank to carry out the transaction instructions from the Customer, as follows:
    1. Response Code: 
      Authentication through Response Code system applies standard and given to Customers who do not or have not registered a Mobile Token or Transaction PIN/mobile-PIN;
    2. Mobile Token:
      Customers who already registered as PermataMobile X users and have certain devices, can download the Mobile Token application and register to use Mobile Token;
    3. Transaction PIN/mobile-PIN:
      Customers who already registered and as PermataMobileX users can register a Transaction PIN/mobile-PIN by the time of Transaction;
  3. The instructions used by the Customer during Transaction as referred in point 2 of this Article are only used by the Customer, who are responsible for the use of the instruction.
  4. In the event that the Customer does not make any financial Transaction in 3 (three) months, the Transaction PIN/mobile-PIN will be deactivated automatically or cannot be used. The Transaction PIN/mobile-PIN must be re-registered if the customers want to do Transactions again.
  5. As for Scheduled Transaction or Periodic Transaction (recurring or auto-debit), Customer can cancel the Transaction by authorizing such cancellation no later than 1 (one) calendar day before effective date of transaction.
  6. Scheduled Transaction or Periodic Transaction (recurring or auto-debit) shall be processed at the beginning of the day at the time as stipulated on Bank procedures. As for Periodic Transaction, if the closing date of transaction falls on the specified effective date, such transaction shall be processed on the same day.
  7. As for domestic fund transfer via domestic clearing (”LLG”) and RTGS, if transaction date exceeds deadline as set forth in the LLG and RTGS or effective date of transaction falls on banking holiday, transaction shall be accepted and processed on the following Banking day. As for domestic fund transfer via online ATM facility in cooperation with Bank, transaction shall be accepted and processed even on holiday.
  8. As for transaction to mobile phone number and WhatsApp Gift, Customer shall ensure the sufficiency of fund until transaction has been already processed and fund has been received by beneficiary. If the transaction is not settled in the PermataNet until the specified deadline, the instruction cannot be executed.
  9. As for transfer to mobile phone number transaction, fund transfer information to the recipient will be sent via SMS. And for WhatsApp Gift transaction fund transfer information to the recipient will sent via WhatsApp.
  10. Exchange rate information displayed in the PermataNet is an indicative exchange rate where it may be different from exchange rate when the transaction is executed. Upon Customer’s valid instruction in respect of Transaction in different currency, Customer authorizes Bank to execute Transaction based on Customer’s instruction with exchange rate applicable in the PermataNet upon the execution of Transaction.
  11. Bank may reject, not to process and cancel the Instruction received to the extent it is possible in accordance with the Bank’s system and procedures when any or more of the following conditions follows: 
    1. Fund kept in the Account is not sufficient or below minimum balance as stipulated by the Bank, or;
    2. There is a suspicion of actual or potential deceit or fraud, or, according to Bank, it breaches the law/ Bank regulation and/or applicable laws, or;
    3. At bank’s discretion, an instruction may cause the Bank to assume liability and/or subject to claim, complaint, losses, directly or indirectly, extended by a third party, or;
    4. An instruction is issued by the competent authority to be complied with and performed by the Bank. 
  12. Bank may, at its sole discretion, cancel or suspend instruction received at anytime without prior notice and without any reasons whatsoever given to Customer and without any obligation to give any compensation or penalty or damages.
  13.  Application of any Transaction type or feature available in the PermataNet shall be subject to terms and conditions of such type or feature, together with amendments thereto as Bank notifies to Customer via communication means provided by Bank in accordance with the applicable laws.

Article 6

Credit Card Features

  1. The Customer can obtain the SimplePay facility from Credit Card transactions on PermataNet.
  2. The Credit Card transactions that allowed to be converted to the SimplePay facility as follows:
    1. The transactions performed after the Customer having an Account / has been registered to PermataNet.
    2. The transactions that have been recorded by Bank system and have been billed by the Merchant to the Bank through the system.

Article 7

Customer’s Responsibilities

Subject to this T&C, Customer hereby agrees and responsible for the following:

  1. PermataNet registration that carried out by Customer.
  2. All losses, damages, claims or demands extended by a third party against Customer that may arise in relation with Customer’s Instruction via PermataNet. 
  3. In the event of occurrences as set forth in point “b” above, Customer shall cause the Bank to be fully indemnified against any claim, losses, charges or expenses extended by any third party against the Bank at anytime and from time to time, directly or indirectly, in relation with the execution of Instruction, including without limitations, lawyer fee incurred by Bank.
  4. Whereas any Instruction issued by Customer does not violate the applicable laws, and Customer shall be responsible for all risks and losses arising out in relation with changes in the Transaction and/or negligence, mistakes, fraud, misunderstanding or ambiguity of the Instruction issued by Customer to the Bank via PermataNet.
  5. Whereas Customer shall not manipulate, copy data and/or take other unlawful action resulting in the change of PermataNet data and/or mobile phone details in the provider card (SIM Card) registered in the PermataNet for unlawful purposes. 
  6. Customer shall immediately report to Bank in the event of:
    1. Customer not using mobile phone number registered in the PermataNet anymore
    2. Customer being aware of an indication of multiplication of mobile phone number or SIM Card
    3. Application and/or modification of PermataNet by authorized person.
  7. Protecting smartphone and banking transactions against theft of security code.

Article 8

Information Disclosure and Management

  1. Customer hereby agrees with and authorizes Bank to access Customer’s Account for the purposes of providing PermataNet services to Customer. 
  2. As account holder, Customer agrees with the use by Bank of all Customer data, details and information, including without limitations, make use of Customer’s communication facility to communicate with a third party partner and/or other competent authority for all purposes to the extent it is possible and allowed by the applicable laws, including for the purposes of marketing of Bank’s products or the products of Bank’s partner. For the purposes of data application requiring other party’s approval, Customer hereby confirms that it has obtained written approval of any third party for the application of the data, details and information and, accordingly, Customer indemnifies and holds the Bank harmless from and against all risks, claims and/or liabilities that may arise in the future in relation with the application of third party’s data, details and information which has been approved by Customer.

Article 9


  1. Customer agrees that Instruction executed via PermataNet is valid and supported by the following documents: 
    1. Transaction transfer at the Account in respect of Transaction with the Bank, and/or;
    2. Written or electronic documentation that is administered by the Bank in connection with the use of PermataNet, and/or;  
    3. Electronic papers and documents administered by Bank in respect of the application of PermataNet.
  2. Customer agrees not to protest against the validity, accuracy or authenticity of evidences of Transaction and communication transmitted electronically between Customer and Bank, including computer records or Bank transaction evidences, tape/cartridge, recording, computer printout, copy or other storage media, or data displayed by Bank or all tools or documents being valid Transaction evidences on banking transaction through PermataNet conducted by the Customer.
  3. By performing Transaction, Customer acknowledges that all communication and Transaction notified to Bank shall be treated as valid evidences even they are not documented or even in absence of documents signed by Customer and/or Bank.

Article 10

Exclusion and Indemnity

  1. Customer accepts and authorizes any action taken by Bank for the purposes of successful Instruction and, therefore, indemnifies and holds the Bank harmless from any actions and/or losses arising out in relation with the execution of Transaction in reliance upon Customer’s incorrect Instruction, including:
    1. Rejection and/or suspension and/or cancelation of Transaction by Bank under this PermataNet T&C ini.
    2. Failure or losses caused by devices, software, browser provider or by Internet Service Provider ("ISP") or agents thereof;
    3. Malfunctions by computer viruses or trojan, worm or other malwares that may interrupt the PermataNet, web browser or Bank’s or Customer’s or ISP’s computer system.
    4. Unauthorized application of ISP.
    5. Misuse of Security Code by Customer or any third party.
    6. Failure, negligence, incompleteness, ambiguity or inaccuracy of Instruction notified by Customer, and/or;
    7. Customer’s failure of instruction, procedures and manuals for the application of PermataNet. 
    8. Direct or indirect losses resulting from Customer’s or other party’s failure or mistakes in relation with the application of PermataNet. 
  2. Bank shall not give representation and warranty that partial or whole of the PermataNet services are suitable or ready for use in other areas outside the Indonesian territory and that access to PermataNet is permitted in such areas. Therefore, Customer shall be fully responsible for and comply with the local laws for its decision to use the PermataNet in other location.

Article 11

Limitation of Responsibilities

Bank shall not be responsible for any losses and damages and claims sustained by Customer or other party arising out of:

  1. Transaction performed by Customer in contrary to this PermataNet T&C and/or applicable laws and/or Bank’s policy, 
  2. Divulgence and misuse of Customer’s Security Code to and by third party,
  3. Incomplete or erroneous instruction and transaction caused by Customer’s failure and/or negligence and resulting in Customer’s losses. 

Article 12

Force Majeure

  1. Customer hereby agrees that the following events constitute a Force Majeure sustained by Bank are failure of equipment, viruses, power outage or failure, riots, flood, or other natural disasters, explosion, chemical reactions, accident, epidemic, strike, government regulation, and other occurrences beyond Bank’s reasonable control. 
  2. In the event of Bank’s failure or delayed to execute the Instruction, partially or wholly, due to Force Majeure as referred to in paragraph 1 of this Article, Bank is exempted from any responsibility to Customer for all risks, liabilities and claims extended by Customer or the third party that may arise in relation with delay in the execution or failure of the Instruction due to Force Majeure, to the extent the Bank complies with its obligations in accordance with the applicable laws.

Article 13


  1. Upon prior notices to Customer in the form of and through communication means as specified by Bank in accordance with the applicable laws, Bank may amend, modify or replace the terms and conditions of this T&C PermataNet.
  2. Any amendment to the terms and conditions of this T&C PermataNet shall be binding upon Customer and constitute an integral part of the General Terms and Conditions of Account Opening with the Bank.

Article 14

Governing Language

  1. This T&C PermataNet is made in Bahasa Indonesia and English. In case of any difference of opinion or interpretation ("Conflict") between the Bahasa Indonesia and English version of the T&C PermataNet, the Bahasa Indonesia language version shall apply.  
  2. Customer hereby understand and agree that unless otherwise determined by the Bank, the T&C PermataNet and other documents related to the T&C PermataNet is written in Bahasa Indonesia and or English language. In the event of any Conflict between Bahasa Indonesia and English version, then only the Bahasa Indonesia version apply to all translations, both regarding the preparation, interpretation, and implementation.

Article 15

Choice of Law and Legal Domicile

  1. This T&C PermataNet is governed by and interpreted in accordance with the laws of the Republic of Indonesia.
  2. The parties agree that any dispute or dissent arising from and/or in connection with the implementation of this T&C PermataNet, to the extent applicable, will be settled through deliberation.
  3. Any dispute or dissent which cannot be settled through deliberation by the Parties, such dispute or dissent shall be settled through mediation in banking field.
  4. Any dispute or dissent which cannot be settled through both deliberation and/or mediation in banking field, will be settled through one of District Court in the territory of the Republic of Indonesia, which is not prejudice the Bank's rights to submit suit to the Customer through other Court whether onshore or offshore and the Customer hereby release its rights to file exceptions regarding the relative power of the Court chosen by the Bank.

Article 16

Changes to T&C PermataNet

  1. By prior notification by the Bank to the Customer in any form and means in accordance with the applicable provisions and regulations, Bank reserves the right to modify, complete or replace the terms and conditions of this T&C PermataNet.
  2. The modifications to these terms and conditions of T&C PermataNet are binding on the Customer and is a unity and an integral part of the General Terms and Conditions of Account Opening at the Bank.

Article 17

Blockage and Termination of PermataNet Services

  1. Customer’s User ID, Password and Transaction PIN/mobile-PIN shall be subject to blockage if the following occur:
    1. Customer inpute the wrong Password, User or Transaction PIN/mobile-PIN ID for 3 (three) consecutive times when entry into PermataNet.
    2. By Customer’s request. 
    3. Bank indicated the likeliness of divulgence of Customer’s User ID, and/or Password, and/or PIN Transaction/mobile-PIN to other person.
  2. In the event of blockage, Customer shall:
    1. Have the PermataNet re-registered; or
    2. Reset Password by calling PermataTel or nearest Bank branch
  3. PermataNet services shall be terminated or ceased if any or more of the following conditions are met:
    1. Customer applies for termination of PermataNet with the nearest Bank branch or PermataTel.
    2. Customer ceases all Bank Accounts and/or services.
    3. Bank discovers unlawful use of Account by Customer. 
    4. Bank performs an obligation for cessation of the PermataNet services as required by the applicable laws. 
    5. Bank undergoes interruption and, thus, ceases the PermataNet services upon giving notice to Customer through communication means as specified by Bank. 
  4. Bank ceases or suspends the PermataNet services unilaterally without giving prior notice to Customer in the event of the following:
    1. Technical:
      • Technical failure of network
      • Network being upgraded, modified and/or maintained.
    2. Non Technical: there is an indication of network being used for crime or illegal activities.
    3. Government regulation and/or laws prohibiting the execution and/or application of PermataNet services via mobile banking and/or the like and/or similar activities.

Article 18


  1. Upon prior notice by the Bank to the Customer in accordance with the applicable laws, Bank may (i) restrict, reduce, modify, cancel, and/or cease whole or part of the PermataNet services and (ii) add, reduce, revoke or modify current or available Transaction via PermataNet.
  2. Upon acceptance of this PermataNet T&C, Customer agrees and abides by the terms and conditions of this T&C and other provisions stipulated by Bank pertaining to the execution of Transaction the Bank shall prior notify to Customer in accordance with the applicable laws, and any amendment, supplement or implementing regulations thereof.
  3. For any complaints from the Customer related the products/services of PermataBank, the Customer should contact PermataTel on 1500111 or other media as stipulated by Bank that can be found in the website www.permatabank.com by preparing all required documents related with the respected complaints.



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