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It’s the Right Time to Build Your Own Restaurant

Jan 25, 2020
2 Menit

When life feels overwhelming, many people turn to foods to make them feel better. Delicious foods can lift people’s moods. However, this habit can cause a new problem which is weight gain! That doesn’t mean you can’t eat to feel better. You just need to switch to healthier foods so that you can avoid gaining weight.

The problem is that healthy foods are most likely expensive. Well, why don’t you try to cook by yourself? This way, you won’t have to spend a lot of money, and turn it into a business.

Start experimenting on making lunch for yourself first. Ask your friends or colleagues to taste it. Write down their feedbacks, and keep improving your cooking skills. Once you’ve found the perfect formula for your cooks, or it turns out there are many people liking your foods, just start your culinary business right away.

How could you get the money? Choose PermataKTA which offers convenience for both process and requirements, so that you can achieve the dream of having a restaurant easier and sooner. Let's make your dream come true with PermataKTA by simply registering yourself in PermataMobile X!

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