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Cycling Trend During the Pandemic? Here’s What You Should Know

Sep 30, 2020
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Cycling trend during the adaptation to new habits keeps increasing ever since outdoor activities have been allowed with looser rules. It’s proven by the many crowds of people who ride their bicycles around their residence or even on the city main road on the weekends, some also use their bicycles as alternative transportation to the workplace. 

Although cycling is a sport activity that benefits your health, you still need to be careful and obey the health protocols. Now, what kind of cycling activities can be deemed as safe in this current situation?

Essential Things to Prepare before Cycling
Before jumping on the cycling trend during this pandemic, there are two things that you need to keep in mind, which are self preparation and bicycle safety. In order to prepare yourself, first you must choose a location or area that conforms to the government’s appeal and is in the green zone. Second, avoid droplets from other cyclists by wearing a long sleeve top, gloves, mask, face shield, headgear, and glasses. Also, please bring hand sanitizer and a small towel from home.

Next, for your bicycle safety, make sure that all parts of your bicycle are clean, particularly areas that are often in touch with human skin. Be more extra careful if the bicycle you are using is not yours, like a rented bicycle. It’s safer to clean your bicycle before using it to make sure that it’s ready for a ride.

Keep Your Distance While Cycling
Looking at this current situation where the corona virus is still at large, it’s better and safer to cycle alone. However, if you want to cycle in groups, separate into several mini groups consisting of 2 to 5 cyclists.

On the road, choose lanes that are less crowded. Keep your distance from the front and back of your bicycle to the other vehicles, at least 2 meters. Then, make sure that you are 4 meters away from the bicycles in front and behind of your bicycle. Stay vigilant, follow the health protocols, and obey the traffic signs.

Health Protocols While Resting
It’s normal for you to rest for a while after cycling. However, observer the location where you want to rest beforehand. It’s much safer to rest at an empty space to avoid crowds. While stopping, wash your hands first with clean water and soap, or with hand sanitizer. Afterwards, dry your hands and face with tissue or the small towel that you bring from home.

It’s okay to remove your mask, but please do so only for crucial activities, such as eating and drinking. Do not share your food and drink with anyone else, like sharing bottled water and bitten food. Don’t take off your mask for talking or, even worse, joining a crowd of other cyclists. After you gain back your energy, it’s time to continue your cycling experience.

Wash Up as You Get Home
After you complete your cycling session, proceed with the next health protocol to ensure your self sanitation, so you are safe from virus infection. No one knows when you could be infected while on the road.

Before entering your house, take off all your cycling gears. Then, avoid any direct physical contact with other household members and do not touch any furniture. Clean your shoes, helmet, and glasses with disinfectant. For other gears like gloves, socks, t-shirts, mask, and headgear, soak them in detergent water. After that, you can take a shower and wash your hair. 

Cycling trend during the adaptation to new habits can be a healthy exercise option to stay fit. But, please remember that there are still high risks of virus transmission. Therefore, before you start your cycling hobby, you should prepare every stuff that you need. Starting from the bicycle, cycling gears, and various items to perform the health protocols, such as mask, face shield, and hand sanitizer.

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