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A Handy Guide to Choose Your Dream Home

Jan 25, 2020
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Home is the best place to unwind after engaging in so many activities out there. Unfortunately, not everyone has the privilege to own a home, and some people still have to rent a house due to certain reasons. Besides, buying a house is not an easy matter. If not done right, a house can possibly become the source of many problems in the future. Here are several tips to help you choose your ideal dream home:

  • Find out the distance between the house and the city center to help you determine which area you will settle in.
  • Do pricing survey and types of house that suit your budget range.
  • See the house’s surrounding, including the hygiene, safety, and convenience of your family.
  • Make sure you have sufficient funds and other documents to complete the requirements of house ownership.

In addition to that, there’s still another important method that you need to obtain, especially if you want to own a house. Not only is it affordable, but this method offfers a quick and convenient way for you to own a house. PermataKPR iB Bijak is the right choice to get a house installment program based on Sharia principles. The installment is affordable and the tenor is up to 20 years.

Open your saving account at PermataKPR iB Bijak and buy a dream home for your family.

Islamic Home Ownership Loan with the ease of reducing loan principal from a saving balance

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