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Still Trendy with These Thrifty Tips

Feb 12, 2020
5 Minutes

You surely can purchase any items you won't easily in this digital era. For you can find the growth of various platforms and marketplaces in each kind of industry. The internet-based features are in high demand thanks to the Millennials with their practical and less-hassle lifestyle. That is also quite a reason why there’s a lot of new players are taking part in this cycle of the trend, including those from abroad.

The presence of these platforms also becoming big convenience to facilitate various activities of its users, not only to fulfill their needs and bucket list items. For example people now can buy a movie ticket, buying iced milk coffee, and even ordering food online. More of it people also can refill their gas by using virtual payment. Sophisticated, isn’t it?

Sadly these convenient features also turn the lifestyle of most of the Millenials more consumptive. It’s not hard to find young people work harder just to maintain a practical lifestyle. This kind of lifestyle has caused many Millenials to spend their money unnecessarily. So, here are some thrifty tips to get a life more comfortably.

Prioritize Needs

It is necessary to differentiate between needs and desires in order to have the right priority. Especially when you don’t have a lot of funds, then you need to put goods and items that you really need first, instead of items that you want only. This is an important move to do to prevent Millenials like you to spend money on purchasing things that have no vital benefits to support your daily activities. 

If there’s still enough money remains after spent it for your needs then you are allowed to purchase more items to maintain the lifestyle you have. It is okay to catch up with the trend of a certain lifestyle, but put first your daily activities that also require some money.

Budgeting Everything

Be wise by having a budget plan at the beginning of the month to save the status of your finance. You can create a budget list that contains items to your needs monthly in accordance to your monthly income. You need to ensure that your salary is enough to fulfill everything you need. If there’s more money, then you can use it to order coffee, or purchasing things to improve your appearance.

It will be taking quite some time to calculate the ideal funds to spend monthly in order to prevent unnecessary shopping activities. This is the most efficient way of spending your monthly funds.

Saving money

You can say this way is way too conventional but still, it has a big impact, especially when you tend to have a luxurious lifestyle to maintain. You need to set aside a few percent of your monthly income that cannot be used unless for an urgent condition. This can be a great help when you need to handle unexpected conditions like an accident or natural disasters. Saving means you need to be thrift towards your monthly expanse.

Turns Your Habits to Simplicity

This method is quite effective for you to save more money. For example, if you usually spend around 100.000 IDR for coffee, you can save more by choosing a cheaper menu or coffeeshop. It is not an easy method indeed. But you can try it slowly before you can feel a better impact by the end of the month.

Don't be easily tempted

There are a lot of people who are easily tempted by the presence of various conveniences provided by these online platforms. It is a way to test your patience as well. Obviously you are allowed to use features of these platforms to help you in many activities, but still, you need to consider whether it has big impact for you or not. Do not let yourself easily tempted by discounts that require you to purchase in big amounts.

Use PermataME

By using PermataME you can still maintain your lifestyle while at the same time save some money. It provides a lot of convenience and benefits which of course help you spending less money. By using PermataME you can get 10% cashback in every online transportation transaction, 20% cashback for online shopping, and 30% cashback for purchasing coffee and watching movies. It means you can save more money.

There’s no need to be hesitate, you should immediately open a PermataME savings account for easy and cheaper transactions by getting all cashback.

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