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Teach Your Kids How to Save Money Responsibly

Jan 25, 2020
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Saving money is not something that only adults can do. These days, many countries have encouraged children to save money. By saving money at such a young age, children will be able to get more financial benefits. No need to worry, there are a number of ways parents can do to teach their children about saving money. Here are some of them.

Tell kids about the functions of money

When your kids are already good enough at counting things, that’s the right time to teach them about saving money. You can start it by telling them the difference between each sheet of money and its functions as a transaction tool. Once your kids have learned about this, you can teach them about how we should use money responsibly.

Give understanding about needs, wants, and dreams

Your kids might only know that they can buy anything as long as they have money. However, it’s better if you teach them to understand it by its classification, which things are categorized as needs, wants, and dreams. When your kids have understood this concept, it will be easier for them to set aside some money to save.

Take your kids to the bank and open their own accounts

Kids will have more understanding of saving money if they are going through the process on their own. Therefore, it’s necessary to open a personal bank account for your kids and let your kids know the process since the beginning.

If your kids have gotten used to saving money at such a young age, they will grow into a person who really values money and use it responsibly. Once your kids are ready to have a bank account on their own, PermataTabungan iB Bintang can be the right option to pick. With various benefits such as free administration fees, free cash withdrawal fees, and nominal transactions that can be adjusted to the kid’s age, it will be easier for your kids to save money.


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