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Ready for the Holy Land? Open Hajj Savings at PermataMobile X

Aug 01, 2021
3 Minutes

Don't wait until you're getting too old to go for Hajj! Going to the Holy Land for the pilgrimage is the dream of all Muslims. Let's manifest your dreams. Insha Allah, our Hajj intentions will arrive and get rewarded.

Check Hajj Savings Funds and Transactions Directly from Mobile, No Need to Go to the Bank
Prepare Hajj funds as early as possible with PermataTabungan iB Haji. For those who do not have PermataTabungan iB Haji, please open it online via the PermataMobile X application. Follow the steps in the 'How to Open an Account' Hajj Savings account at PermataMobile X.

Enjoy Free Admin Fees Through "Recurring Transfers" on PermataMobile X
You don't have to worry about depositing additional funds to your Hajj savings account; open the PermataMobile X application, and do the "Recurring Transfer Method" every month to your PermataTabungan iB Haji account. Free administration fee!

When Can You Get Your Estimated Hajj Departure Schedule?
Suppose your PermataTabungan iB Haji funds have reached a minimum of IDR 25 million. In that case, you can immediately carry out the Hajj Validation process at the PermataBank and PermataBank Syariah branches to the domicile of the ID card. You will get your Departure Schedule or Hajj Portion through SISKOHAT from the Ministry of Religion of the Republic of Indonesia.

Do not delay your intention to go for Hajj. Steady your heart and prepare your Hajj funds early on.

Immediately open the PermataTabungan iB Haji feature through PermataMobile X and enjoy various banking features on PermataMobile X.

Tutorial for Opening Account  Tutorial for Repeat Transfer

Saving account to support your dream of going Hajj

PermataTabungan iB Haji Reguler

Saving Account to support your journey of going to Mecca

PermataTabungan iB Haji Khusus

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