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Ready for the Holy Land of Mecca? Open Hajj Savings at PermataMobile X

Aug 01, 2021
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A trip to the Holy Land for a pilgrimage is the dream of all Muslims. In doing so, you need to face various challenges until you can finally arrive at the Holy Land of Mecca. One of the challenges is the high cost. However, you don't have to wait until you're old to go for the Hajj pilgrimage! Now you can perform the pilgrimage at a young age.

Therefore, it never hurts to start preparing for the pilgrimage funds as early as possible with PermataTabungan iB Haji. When the time comes, all you need to do is pack your suitcase!

Easier Preparation for Hajj
There are a lot of preparations that must be done before one could step into the Holy Land. One of the most important preparations is funding. It is undeniable that you have to collect large amounts of funds to go for Hajj.

You need to be thoughtful in choosing a saving product to prepare the Hajj funds. Therefore, you can entrust all the preparation of Hajj funds with PermataTabungan iB Haji. Let’s also note the long queue for Hajj in Indonesia, which averages 20 years and over. Do you really have to wait for 20 years to get to the Holy Land?

Don't worry, this Hajj savings account from PermataBank Syariah is specially made to facilitate your path to the Holy Land. Once you open a Hajj savings account and deposit a Hajj portion fee of IDR 25 million, you can directly receive a Hajj Portion from SISKOHAT. Hence, you don't have to wait in long queues to go to Hajj. Saving for Hajj is made easier with a small initial deposit and flexible term.

Directly from Mobile, Anytime and Anywhere
A busy daily routine often hinders you from fulfilling the dream of Hajj pilgrimage. Most specially if you are required to go to a bank to open and manage Hajj savings. It sure is a hassle, right? Good news for you, now you can open a Hajj savings account right from your phone!

Using the PermataMobile X application, which you can download for free on the Apple Store and Google Play, you can open PermataTabungan iB Haji online. If you want to deposit or check your Hajj savings, just open the PermataMobile X application. Your dream to go do a Hajj pilgrimage can be much closer than you think. 

Smart Savings Account, Free of Admin Fees
Now, you don't have to bother transferring money every month to your Hajj savings account. PermataTabungan iB Haji has a Recurring Transfer feature that you can activate in the PermataMobile X application. On the same date of every month, the application system will automatically transfer the amount of money that you have set from your main account. Most importantly, PermataTabungan iB Haji is free of administration fees.

How to Open a Hajj Savings Account via PermataMobile X
It’s very easy, you only need a smartphone and an internet connection. First, download the latest version of the PermataMobile X mobile banking application via the App Store or Google Play. Please login to the application, then click the icon and select PermataTabungan iB Haji. Next, you need to fill in your personal data and select an option as to why you want to open the account. Confirm the terms & conditions, after which the application for opening a Hajj savings account will be successfully processed.

To make saving for Hajj more practical, you can immediately activate the Recurring Transfer feature via PermataMobile X. To do this, click Transfer in the main menu and select My Permata Account. Type the amount of money you want to transfer, click OK. Check the data that appears on the screen and if it’s correct, click Transfer Now. Next, click the Recurring option and click Monthly. Type “12x” as Transfer Frequency for 1 year period and click OK. Confirm the transfer and the Repeat Transfer feature will be successfully activated.

Don't let anything be in your way of planning for Hajj. Strengthen your heart and funds now so you can perform the pilgrimage with your family. Go open PermataTabungan iB Haji and enjoy various banking features on PermataMobile X.

Tutorial for Opening Account  Tutorial for Repeat Transfer

Saving account to support your dream of going Hajj

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Saving Account to support your journey of going to Mecca

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