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Stylish with Logic

Jan 25, 2020
3 Menit

Who doesn't like shopping? Especially when you are feeling bored. Shopping is often believed will give you a positive mood. Do you familiar with the phrase 'shop for release stress'?

There is nothing wrong with shopping, anything from hair accessories to stylish shoes will make you more attractive and confident. But, sometimes this habit can bother your finances. Uncontrolled shopping habits will make you stuck in impulsive purchases, which not only give happiness, but also losses, stress, and deep regret later on. You definitely don't want to not have enough money at the end of the month, do you? It will make it difficult to buy your monthly necessities just because of buying unnecessary things before. Awareness is needed to change shopping habits and begin to be a shopalogic. Make a list of groceries that suit your needs as a reminder. Don’t forget to use promos so you can save more money! You just need to "open your eye" widely to see the promos and opportunities. Also, you need to be smart in choosing savings to keep your style current but at the same time guarantee the future. With PermataTabung Optima, you can freely shop while investing. There are many attractive offers and cashback from this banking product. Get it now and express your style with the smart way!

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