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Preliminary Information on BI-FAST Limited Services to Customers

Dec 20, 2021
2 Minutes

Following the announcement from Bank Indonesia regarding the BI-FAST service launch on December 21st, 2021, PermataBank is one of the participating banks in the BI-FAST service.

Customers' safety and comfort are our priority. Therefore, at the start of its launch, the BI-FAST service will be made available on a limited basis to some PermataBank customers, to ensure the feature’s stability and usability. Customers who do not yet have access to BI-FAST, can use other readily available options such as: The National Clearing System (SKNBI), RTGS, and Online Transfer services. 

We will be sure to notify you once the BI-FAST service is available for all PermataBank customers. Should you have any inquiries, please contact: PermataTel 1500-111 (Individual customers) or CSG 1500-399 (Corporate customers).


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