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Do These 4 Things Before Hunting for Cashback and Discount

May 11, 2020
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Shopping has now become more dynamic because of the convenience offered in the digital age, especially to those using mobile-based technology. Wide range of products, from various brands, as well as discounts and attractive cashback are offered. Without careful consideration when hunting for cashback and discounts, your expenses could be thrown to waste.

To help you get the best shopping experience and keep you within the budget planning that you set, here are 4 things that you need to consider before hunting for cashback or other promotions.

Understand the Promotion Conditions
The most common mistake when hunting for cashback or promotions is not fully understanding the terms and conditions of the promo offered. You should consider the promo conditions carefully, including minimum purchases, maximum cashback, promotion periods, and other mechanisms.

For instance: cashback. Not every cashback offer takes the form of cash returns when they reach a certain amount to consumers. A cashback promo can also mean a direct discount on purchase, which is not much different from the discount system that is well known. Another kind of cashback is in the form of built-in payment. It means that the nominal cashback from your shopping is stored in the e-wallet on the application or system where you shop.

Acknowledge the Track Record of Promo Provider
If you are already familiar with cashback hunting activities or other promotions before shopping, you must be aware that each promotional offer varies depending on the provider. To keep purchase transactions safe, it is a good idea to also acknowledge the provider, including its track record.

There is no harm in choosing validated e-commerce, online stores, or trusted brands that often provide promotions for your own security. Not only more secure, but the terms and conditions of trusted providers are also usually clearer and easier to understand. You will be also supported by customer service that may answer advanced questions to help you understand the promotions offered.

Calculate Your Final Spending
The next thing you need to consider is the final spending calculation. By understanding the promotion terms and conditions, it helps you to start counting how much your spending will be. Does the promotion provide significant benefits? Or does it encourage you to do unnecessary expenses?

Use the Pay PermataMobile X QR Feature
Do these three essential tips, so that your shopping is more effective and you can keep your financial conditions stable. In addition, you can shop using the QR Pay feature on the PermataMobile X application, one of the services from PermataBank. Like other promotions, shopping by scanning on the QR Pay feature is sure to benefit your shopping transactions. More practical and convenient, you can also get a cashback promotion and many benefits.

Shopping using the QR Pay feature can reward you additional 50% cashback. Payment can be made at merchants that have QR codes bearing the QRIS logo. In addition, if you make a transaction through PermataME savings, you will get an additional 25% cashback. Download PermataMobile X now and enjoy the benefits of QR Pay PermataBank's features.

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