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Taxable Entrepreneurs

Jan 25, 2020
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Are you an entrepreneur? If yes, you need to learn about the business tax. Taxes are mandatory contributions due primarily to Taxpayer, both for Personal Income Tax or business entities to countries, which is forced based on the law. Taxpayers do not get paid directly. These tax payments are actually the public’s contribution (Taxpayers) to state financing and national development. These days there are many entrepreneurs not paying taxes due to various reasons. It’s very unfortunate because there are many benefits entrepreneurs can gain from paying taxes.

Learning how to manage finance

If you pay taxes regularly, you will learn a lot about how to manage business finance. For entrepreneurs running an SME business, now there is a special tax regulation for SMEs, which offers lighter installments with only 1% payment each month. So, automatically, by paying 1% of your business turnover every month, you will be able to manage your business finance better.

Your business will look more professional

Your business will be seen as more professional by customers and distributors. It’s because if you’re running a manufacturing business, you will be required to have a Taxpayer Identification Number (NPWP) as it becomes one of the most important parts of the letter of cooperation with a customer or distributor.

Helps to stabilize the country’s economy

Taxes play significant roles as an instrument to stabilize the country’s economy in various conditions that are considered threatening to the sustainability of the country’s economy. With taxes, the government has more options in creating and implementing certain policies.

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