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Financing Relaxation Announcement (Sharia Customers)

Apr 01, 2020
2 Menit

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, PermataBank is committed to assist customers who have difficulties in fulfilling their obligations to the Bank since their businesses are directly or indirectly affected by the spread of COVID-19. This includes debtors from the SME segment with a credit ceiling of up to Rp10 billion.

This policy is part of PermataBank's effort to support the government’s policies with regard to the national economic stimulus on the provision of financing relaxation.

The terms and conditions for the above provision are as follow:

  • PermataBank will provide financing relaxation for customers affected by COVID-19 in the form of installment postponement and/or lease/margin payment waivers for a certain period of time and with the terms tailored to the economic sector, criteria and customers’ condition in accordance with OJK provisions and prudential principles.
  • Financing relaxation will be granted upon agreement made between customer and PermataBank in accordance with the customer’s prevailing conditions and ability to pay.
  • Customers may apply for financing relaxation by contacting PermataBank’s Relationship Manager or Staff who serves them on a regular basis, without having to come to the Bank to avoid physical contact.
  • During the application process of the financing relaxation, customers are expected to continue to make timely payments through PermataMobileX and / or PermataNet in accordance with the existing agreement.

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