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FREE Cash Withdrawals at more than 21,000 Indomaret Stores via PermataMobile X

May 06, 2021
3 Minutes

Have you ever left your wallet back home when you were on a trip? Or have you ever run out of cash and having trouble finding the nearest ATM? Now you can withdraw cash without a card at Indomaret by using the PermataMobile X application.

PermataBank collaborates with Indomaret, Indonesia’s largest franchise retail networks, in the Mobile Cash feature on the PermataMobile X mobile banking application. With this feature, PermataBank customers can freely access the money registered in their PermataBank account by simply using a smartphone application. What are the benefits?

No Need to Bring a Wallet, No Need to Find an ATM
You don't have to bother looking for ATM Bersama or PermataATM to withdraw cash. You can now use the Mobile Cash feature for cardless cash withdrawals at the nearest Indomaret.

Cash Withdrawal at All Indomaret Stores
With Mobile Cash, you can make cardless cash withdrawals at 21,302 Indomaret outlets throughout Indonesia. Indomaret outlets are established in strategic locations that are easy to reach. Moreover, some Indomaret outlets are open 24 hours.

Free Admin Fee
Withdrawing cash using PermataMobile X Mobile Cash at the nearest Indomaret is free of admin fees for transaction until 31 December 2023! The money in your savings will not be deducted by admin fees such as cash withdrawals at other bank ATMs.

How to Do Cardless Cash Withdrawal With Mobile Cash
Make sure that you have downloaded the latest version of the PermataMobile X application on the App Store and Google Play.

Then, log in to PermataMobile X and click on the Other Menu. Next, click on Mobile Cash, click on Indomaret, and enter your mobile phone number. After that, you will receive a cash code or token that you can give to the Indomaret cashier. Cardless cash withdrawals at Indomaret are successfully done!

Please note that the cash withdrawals you make with the Mobile Cash feature will debit the balance in your main account. So, make sure that the balance in your main account is sufficient for the nominal cash withdrawal that you will make. Do not give the cash code to anyone except the Indomaret cashier to make cardless cash withdrawals. 

After cash withdrawal transaction with Mobile Cash at Indomaret, you can also get benefit from Tebus Murah program at Indomaret. Check here for Tebus Murah terms and conditions.

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