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Introducing a New Investment, Batavia Global ESG Sharia Equity USD

Feb 01, 2021
4 Minutes

The Covid-19 pandemic has made all lives change and opened more awareness on how the importance of strengthening investment portfolios amidst the era full of uncertainty. As the day goes by, more investors around the world seek sustainable investment by paying attention to the environment, social, and governance aspects of the company, while benefiting from the attractive potential investment returns. 

At the beginning of 2021, PermataBank along with Batavia Prosperindo Aset Manajemen (BPAM) launch new sharia-based mutual fund product using the USD currency which allocates the investment to the global stock market by focusing on the sustainability principle or environment, social, and governance (ESG). This new mutual fund product is named Batavia Global ESG Sharia Equity USD that aims to fulfill the investment needs of PermataBank clients. 

Sharia Foreign Stock Mutual Fund Investment Trend and Global ESG Investment Trend
As the development of the domestic wealth management market goes forward, the need of diversification to global capital markets grows bigger. One of the most popular investment products among the domestic wealth clients is sharia foreign stock mutual fund that provides investment access to stocks from various mega-companies around the world. Moreover, for the past year, the growth of assets under management of this mutual fund type has reached more than 70%, attaining Rp12.6 trillion, despite the pandemic and economic turmoil. 

Consequently, the investment that focuses on ESG has become a global market trend for the last 3-5 years and is projected to continuously increase. In the first quarter of 2020, the global mutual funds and ETF with ESG focus gained USD40.5 million inflow, a 41% increase from the previous year. In the United States, during the first quarter of 2020, funds and ETF with ESG focus gained USD7.3 million inflow, the highest quarterly record in its history and much higher than the total inflow in 2019. 

The Combination of Sharia and ESG
Batavia Global ESG Sharia Equity USD is a mutual fund that combines sharia investment and ESG insight, in which this mutual fund will invest in new trends and opportunities by focusing on sustainability issues that bring real financial effects. As proven last year - amidst the pandemic and economic turmoil - about 94% ESG-themed index in global stock markets projected better performance than the non-ESG index. 

ESG-themed mutual funds are not only managing to increase the long term potential investment returns, but also are proven to have the stronger ability in surviving the declining market condition. Furthermore, companies with strong E, S, and G profiles are well managed, so these companies tend to give superior potential financial performance. By integrating the sharia principle and ESG factors into the Batavia ESG Sharia Equity USD mutual fund, clients get to filter risky companies and/or industries out of their portfolios with the help of sustainable investment experts. 

Solid and Thorough Investment Process
Batavia Global ESG Sharia Equity USD has a unique and interesting investment process that consists of three steps of ESG filters. First, BPAM avoids companies from 9 sectors that are deemed as controversial as well as companies listed in UN Global Impact offenders. Second, BPAM will only include companies with good ESG score, based on MSCI assessment. Lastly, BPAM will prioritize companies that bring positive transformations along with various internal ESG indicators from BPAM. 

In managing this mutual fund, BPAM works closely with one of the world’s most renowned investment management companies, BlackRock Inc., as the technical adviser. In addition to that, Batavia Global ESG Sharia Equity USD uses an investment approach that combines human investment knowledge with updated technology advancement, such as Big Data and Machine Learning. 

The technology advancement helps portfolio managers to understand the economic activities in real time. Additionally, it also helps to read texts in various languages, far more practical than listening to conference calls or reading one report at a time. This allows the portfolio managers to process data in huge quantities in order to build portfolios with great potential returns, positioned to bring benefits in terms of environment, social, and governance. 

In this era where data and technology are more advanced than ever, the usage of Big Data and Machine Learning can help investors gain competitive advantages in portfolio management, especially in this unpredictable time. 

How to Purchase Batavia Global ESG Sharia Equity USD
Interested to immediately invest in dollar sharia mutual funds? You can purchase Batavia Global ESG Sharia Equity USD via PermataNet or the mobile banking app PermataMobile X starting from 27 January 2021. To buy Batavia Global ESG Sharia Equity USD, the required minimum initial investment that you need to prepare is US$10,000 or roughly about Rp140 million. Let’s manage your finances wisely and smartly with PermataBank and BPAM by investing in Batavia Global ESG Sharia Equity USD!

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