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Maximize Credit Cards Promos, Especially on Bank Anniversary Moment

Oct 02, 2020
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Credit card is one of the many cashless transaction tools that makes your shopping experience easier. Moreover, credit card allows its customers to pay the bills later. Shop first, pay later. As long as you use it wisely, credit card will make your lifestyle much more practical.

Not to mention the many credit card promos from various merchants that partnered with the bank. Surely, these promos can only be enjoyed by the specific credit card holders. Here are a few tricks to maximize your credit card promos!

Redeem Your Rewards Points
Everytime you make a purchase using credit card, you will receive several rewards points. Each bank has different terms and conditions regarding this rewards points system. For example, in every transaction worth Rp50.000, you will receive 1 rewards point. That means the more you spend on one transaction, the more points you earn.

Next, the compiled rewards points can be redeemed for numerous credit card promos. You can choose from a dining voucher at chosen restaurants, discounts at specific merchants, and annual credit card fees reduction.

However, it’s important to remember that rewards points redemption is only valid for a certain period of time. Once you pass the period, your rewards point will no longer be valid and become unredeemable. What a waste it would be, wouldn’t it?

Shop Regularly Using Credit Card
Use your credit card for shopping transactions, it will be much better if you use it to buy items that you regularly buy. Furthermore, many credit cards have special offers that you can choose according to your shopping habits, which will grant you great and appropriate rewards. 

Use Credit Card for Big Spending
As mentioned before, the more credit card transactions you make, the more rewards points that you will receive. For an alternative, you can also use credit card for big purchases, such as gadgets like smartphones or electronic devices like ACs and refrigerators.

You can also offer to cover the restaurant bills while you’re dining out with friends. Therefore, your friends will pay their portion to you later on. Through big spendings, you can get more rewards points much faster.

Maximize Shopping during a Bank Anniversary
It’s a common secret that banks usually give big and stupendous promos on their anniversaries, including credit cards promos. One of the promos offered by the bank is discounts in various merchants that have partnered with the bank.

You can follow the official social media accounts of your bank, such as Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, to know when the bank is having their anniversary. For customers of PermataBank, don’t miss the great offers on PermataBank 18th Anniversary, starting from September 27th 2020. You can indulge in special discounts and cashbacks from numerous merchants of PermataKartuKredit, from dining, shopping, e-commerce, and many more! Click here to see the complete list of our anniversary promos.

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