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Step up Your Game with PermataMobile X Game Voucher Top up Feature

May 06, 2021
3 Minutes

Do you like to play online games to fight boredom? Several kinds of online games become favorites, like MMO, First Person Shooter, and RPG. By now, you definitely know about Mobile Legends and PUBG, right? Well, these online games have collections of premium features that can be purchased with special currencies. To have this special currency, you need to top up the game vouchers. Good news for you, now you can top up game vouchers without having a credit card or coming to an ATM and/or minimarket, just click on the PermataMobile X application.

Enjoy Premium Features, Easier Leveling Up
For those who like playing online games, surely you need to always take the time for leveling up, both in solo and team plays. Leveling up is quite difficult, especially if you are already at a high level. One day of playing the game may only result in going up 1 level.

That's why you need to buy diamonds or coins to be able to buy premium features in your favorite games, for example, new skins, better armor or weapons, or characters with higher stats. You can easily top up game vouchers on the PermataMobile X application! If you already have all the equipment you need, leveling or grinding will be much faster.

Top Up Voucher Game in One Application
Usually, every time you want to top up a game voucher, you are required to switch to a different application. Especially if you want to top up a game voucher by using an e-wallet, you have to top up your e-wallet at an ATM or switch to the mobile banking application. Your online play session gets interrupted because you have to keep switching applications. Don't worry, you will no longer be in this kind of hassle once you use the top up game voucher feature on PermataMobile X.

You don't need to top up your e-wallet first, you can immediately top up the game voucher you want from the PermataMobile X application. The top up will be debited directly from the PermataBank savings account of your choosing. It's more practical and secure, you can directly play online without a hitch.

Get Monthly Cashback
When else can you get more cashback the more you top up game vouchers? From April to June 2021, PermataMobile X will give 15% cashback up to IDR 30,000 for the first 5,000 gamers every month who top up game vouchers through the PermataMobile X application.

The cashback will be calculated based on the total top up game voucher transactions in one month. Every gamer is allowed to get 1x cashback per month. So, you have the opportunity to get at least 3x cashback of top up vouchers for your favorite games during this promotion period. Don’t miss your chance!

How to Top Up Game Voucher on PermataMobile X
Topping up game vouchers via PermataMobile X is very easy. Just make sure you already have a PermataBank savings account and have downloaded the PermataMobile X application. If not, you can immediately download the PermataMobile X application for free on the App Store and Google Play, then open a PermataBank account online via the PermataBank application. After your account is verified, log back into PermataMobile X and select the Top Up menu.

Select the game voucher that you want to top up. Choose the number of diamonds/coins/ wallets along with the nominal. Next, choose the PermataBank savings account that you wish to use for payment. Finally, confirm the authorization to guarantee a safe transaction and topping up the game voucher is complete! Once you open the game application, the diamonds/coins/ wallets will be accumulated in your player account.

Now, you can play online games without any limitations. It's time for you to become a pro gamer in your favorite game by topping up game vouchers on PermataMobile X. Invite your friends to top up game vouchers on the PermataMobile X mobile banking application and get cashback for every transaction.

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