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Say Goodbye to OTP SMS!

Aug 06, 2020
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Say Goodbye to OTP SMS!

Is it hard to get an OTP SMS when making a transfer? Or failed to top up your phone credit because you do not have enough credit to receive the OTP SMS?

Now, it’s time to move on from OTP SMS to the digital token + mobile PIN for safer, faster and easier digital banking experience. With digital token + mobile PIN, your transaction is no longer depending on the OTP SMS because now you can authenticate all of your transactions through your cellphone.

Simple, isn’t it?

Digital token is a security technology that generates a one-time password automatically as a method of authenticating your banking transactions on your PermataMobile X (mobile banking). This will certainly simplify the process of digital transaction so that you can make transactions more securely, quickly and comfortably. You don’t need to rely on expensive and unreliable OTP SMS anymore.

For higher risk banking transaction (such as transfer to third party, payments, etc.) you will be asked to enter your mobile PIN. Please always keep the confidentiality of your mobile PIN and do not share it with anyone.

Please click the button below to update your PermataMobile X so you can continue to enjoy the best digital banking experience.

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