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Here are the Credit Card Options for Youths

Dec 23, 2020
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During this pandemic, more people tend to rely on credit cards. Credit cards are easy to be activated and give interesting offers such as discounts, points, installments, free annual fee, and they can serve as an emergency fund. Thanks to such advantages, it is no wonder that the younger generation applies for credit cards and they can do so easily.

How do you use a credit card? How do you apply for one? Instead of asking these questions, you can find out and understand what a credit card really is. Keep reading this article for more information.

What is a Credit Card?
Generally, a credit card is a payment method in the form of a card which is used as an alternative to cash and issued by a bank so the customers can make transactions easily. As for how a credit card works, the bank “lends” the customers some money instead of deducting any from the customers’ bank accounts, unlike a debit card. In Indonesia, the state-owned Bank Indonesia (BI) is responsible for managing the credit card operations. Today, there are numerous financial service companies serving as credit card providers globally, including in Indonesia, namely VISA, MasterCard, JBC, American Express, and more.

In this digital era, an easy payment method must be a need that you desire, especially if you are having an urgent situation. A credit card is one solution you can have. Check out the reasons below on why a credit card is necessary for the first-time owners.

  • Easy and Convenient Transactions 
    If you are a first-time credit card holder, you will enjoy the speed and convenience for your both online and offline transactions with your credit card.
  • Fulfill Your Needs In No Time
    Thanks to your credit card, you can quickly fulfill your needs and make your wishes come true. You can pay right away without spending any cash.
  • Tons of Promos and Discounts
    Your credit card can give you a lot of promos in the form of discounts, cashbacks, or additional products from various merchants.
  • Emergency Fund
    Unfortunate things happen when you least expect them, and that is when your credit card comes in handy as an emergency fund. For example, your laptop is suddenly broken, so you have to buy a new one in order to get back to work.
  • Get Rewards/Points
    Banks usually give rewards or points as a part of the credit card’s features. You can collect your points by making transactions with the credit card, and later you can redeem the points.

If you want to apply for your first credit card, you can start with PermataBank. PermataMobile X allows for an easy application process and PermataBank also offers various facilities such as 0% SimplePay installments, interesting promos, and so on.

Keep scrolling for PermataBank credit card options for youths below!

AirAsia Platinum Credit Card
For travel junkies, AirAsia Platinum Credit Card is the best for you. You can enjoy 3,000 welcome points with an accumulated purchase of Rp2,000,000 within the first 90 days since your AirAsia Platinum Credit Card is approved. You can get priority check-in, boarding, and Xpress baggage too. In addition, this credit card holders get automatically upgraded to BIG Loyalty Platinum Membership, 7 times BIG Points for every flight purchase transaction of minimum Rp10,000 on the AirAsia website and mobile app, 0% SimplePay installments for 3 months for hotel, airline, and travel transactions, as well as many other benefits for your vacation.

This is the perfect card for shopaholics. With PermataShoppingCard, you can enjoy 5% online shopping cashbacks of maximum Rp200 thousand simply with an accumulated retail transaction (online and offline) of minimum Rp3 million every month*. Also, get discounts at various renowned online merchants, 0% SimplePay up to 12 months for online transactions, and Point Reward for every retail transaction to earn reward points that you can redeem for interesting gifts such as shopping vouchers or mileage.

This card helps you save a lot of money for your daily needs. Get 3.5% cashbacks for transactions at Hero, Giant, and Guardian, as well as 1.5% cashbacks for transactions anywhere which will apply if the accumulated transaction in a month reaches a minimum of Rp1,000,000. Also, enjoy 20% discounts for fresh products (seafood on Monday, meat on Tuesday, fruits on Wednesday, and vegetables on Thursday) and 5% discounts for Private Labeled Products at Hero, Giant, and Guardian every day. Of course, there is 0% SimplePay installments up to 24 months for electronic goods or 0% for 3 months for any transactions (with a minimum purchase of Rp 500,000).

Collecting Points is Now Getting Faster

AirAsia Platinum Credit Card

The Card that Fits Best for Online Shopping


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