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Want to Try Gardening as Hobby? Start with These 6 Tools at Home

Nov 08, 2020
3 Minutes

Gardening at home can be a fun activity as well as a rewarding hobby to do in your spare time. There are countless kinds of plants in various colors that are interesting to explore. This particular activity can present several benefits, from increasing hand coordination and strength, maintaining your brain’s health, to lowering the risk of heart failure.

If you wish to successfully start gardening at home, you need to prepare a set of special equipment. Considering that there are a lot of different types of gardening tools, it’s normal for beginners like you to get confused in choosing the right ones. As a guideline, here is a complete list of must-have gardening tools that you need to have at home.

Hoe or Shovel
Both hoe and shovel have the same purpose to dig the soil or growing media in the new pot, and then cover it up again after the plant has been transferred. For example, when you recently purchase a plant then bringing it home, you will have to move the plant into a new pot or directly plant it within the soil. Hoe or shovel is a tool that can help you dig then cover the soil or growing media much faster. 

The difference, hoe is usually used for a bigger plant, whereas a shovel is used for smaller ones. When you are purchasing a hoe or shovel for gardening at home, it’s better to pick one that has a sharp point. This will allow you to dig deeper into a condensed soil or cut some vines. Choose one with stainless steel for better durability.

Gardening at home means that you must be ready to be covered in dirt. After gardening, you can definitely go straight to shower to clean up. However, some dirt can get inside your nails, which will be harder to clean.

Therefore, always use gloves during gardening. Use special gardening gloves made of soft and elastic material. Moreover, using gloves can also protect your hands from thorns and sharp grass. 

Hose or Watering Can
Plants need to be watered regularly for them to grow healthily. To make it easier, you need a hose or watering can. For those who have a water hose, it’s better to use a longer one and equipped with a special nozzle on its end. With that, the spreadability will be farther and more even. On the other hand, a watering can is usually shaped like a kettle. It comes with various sizes, which you can choose according to your gardening needs.

Who says that gardening at home can only be done by those who have a large backyard? For those who have a smaller backyard, using planters can be an alternative solution for gardening. However, you should not choose a planter carelessly. You need to consider the type of your plant and the laying area.

Make sure that the planter that you’ve chosen has tiny holes for drainage. Then, as the time comes to transfer the plant into the planter, fill it up with soil or growing media until it covers ⅓ part of the planter. After that, it’s time to plant and cover the planter back with soil or growing media. 

You surely need seeds in order to grow any kinds of plants at your home. The good news is that you can easily purchase every kind of seeds. You don’t have to go to a market or gardening store, now you can purchase seeds from online stores. Not just one or two types of seeds, you can choose from flower seeds to fruit saplings. 

pH meter
The soil has a pH level that shows its fertility rate. Ideally, it’s advised to grow a plant in soil with pH 7 (neutral). For your information, soil with pH 0-6 is acidic, whereas soil with pH 8-14 is alkaline. To make sure of your soil pH level, you can use a special tool like pH meter. 

Are you getting impatient to start gardening at home? Lucky for you, all of these 6 gardening tools can be easily purchased online through various e-commerce sites. Don’t let these 6 gardening tools sit inside your shopping basket. Use PermataVirtual Account as your payment method and complete your transactions via PermataMobile X application. It’s more practical and you can use it anytime and anywhere you want!

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