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PermataBank Support for B20 Indonesia 2022

Jul 29, 2022
3 minutes

BaliPermataBank has strengthened its commitment in making a positive contribution to support the national economic recovery by sponsoring a series of B20 Indonesia 2022 activities until the G20 Summit in November 2022.

PermataBank's participation in B20 Indonesia 2022 aligns with the company's mission to support collaborative recovery and growth, promote an innovative global economy, and build an inclusive and sustainable future. Along with the G20's big theme, "Recover Together, Recover Stronger", PermataBank believes that cross-industry collaboration with strategic stakeholders can create new solutions and strategies to overcome complex problems faced by every element of society through the seven pillars that are the focus of B20, namely: Digitalization, Energy Sustainability and Climate Change, Finance and Infrastructure, Future of Work and Education, Integrity and Compliance, Trade and Investment, and Women in Business.

PermataBank is committed to maintaining relationships and creating value for all stakeholders in its vision to strengthen its position as a universal bank. Meliza M. Rusli, President Director of PermataBank said, “B20 is a fast track for business players in Indonesia and internationally to exchange opinions to achieve collaboration and inclusiveness which will certainly be very useful for the rise of the national economy and the world in general. PermataBank's participation in supporting this event wholeheartedly is in line with our vision to become the bank of choice by continuing to maintain partnerships and create meaningful value for our stakeholders."

As part of the Bangkok Bank Group, one of the largest regional banks, PermataBank supports the B20 Indonesia 2022 Presidency, which aligns with its mission to create meaningful value for a sustainable future. The joint strength of Bangkok Bank and PermataBank can facilitate global customers who want to enter Indonesia and provide opportunities for national companies that want to expand overseas through the international network owned by the Bangkok Bank Group.

In line with OJK Regulation No. 76/POJK.07/2016 concerning Improving Financial Literacy and Inclusion in the Financial Services Sector for the Community, PermataBank will continue to realize its commitment to creating community welfare through banking products and services to create a more innovative, inclusive and collaborative financial ecosystem. In the first quarter of 2022, PermataBank posted a solid performance and continued to grow good quality assets by applying prudential principles in managing credit risk. PermataBank strives to continue to expand its segments and deepen relationships with customers through the use of ecosystem partners and innovative digital banking products and services.

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