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Important Checklist to Plan the Perfect Wedding

Feb 02, 2021
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One of the biggest moments in our lives is our wedding day. There’s something special about its sacred and serene atmosphere as two souls who love each other make their commitment official in the face of God and law, joined as one by marriage. The title of newlyweds is a pride for those who just got married. 

If you’re planning to wed in the near future, you have to immediately prepare every single thing to create the perfect day with your significant other. Plan for your wedding budget, time and place, vendor, invitations, and many more. Everyone dreams of a beautiful wedding ceremony. Let’s see this important and essential checklist to plan your perfect wedding!

Wedding Budget
The budget is the most fundamental thing in wedding planning. The number of budget that you set determines the scale of your wedding. If you and your significant other have agreed to set millions of rupiahs as the wedding budget, then you can hold a lavish wedding. However, if your wedding budget is limited, don’t be sad because your wedding can still be properly planned. Don’t feel pushed to have an extravagant wedding and take a massive loan to pay for it. Remember that you have to set aside 10% of your budget as an emergency wedding fund. 

Wedding Time and Place
Set the time and place you want your wedding to be held. If you want to cut some expenses, you can hold your wedding right at home. Though for those who want a more practical wedding, prepare the budget to have your wedding at a hotel. The wedding date is just as important in your wedding planning. The weekends are the most popular wedding date since most guests have their day off on the weekends, so they are more likely to attend your wedding. 

Use Wedding Vendors that Suit Your Budget
If you and your significant other want to use a wedding organizer (WO) for your wedding planning, then you don’t need to search for catering, gowns and makeup, documentation (photographer and videographer), decoration, and other vendors since most WOs already take care of these stuffs. Meanwhile, for those who choose to do their wedding planning on their own, you should take the time to choose each vendor according to your budget. Apart from the mentioned vendors, other vendors that you don’t want to miss in your wedding planning include wedding invitations, souvenirs, DJ, MC, and etc. 

Wedding Administration
For Moslem brides and grooms, the wedding administration must be taken care of at the local Civil Registry Office (KUA). Meanwhile, for non-Moslem couples, the wedding must be administered at the local Department of Population and Civil Registration (Disdukcapil). When you’re administering the wedding, the officer will give several forms, and details the documents that you need to submit. Make sure that nothing is missing! This wedding planning should be done days, even months, before the wedding and shouldn’t be postponed.

Wedding Dowries
Dowries are things that the grooms give to the brides, based on the brides’ wants and needs. These things can consist of lingeries, handbags, wallets, makeup, and other things. Usually, dowries will be given when the groom visits the bride as he officially asks her hand in marriage in front of the family. 

Gold is the most common wedding mahr. The value depends on the agreement between the groom’s family and the bride’s family since it should be within the capability of the groom. Cash money can also be the wedding mahr. Almost all things can function as wedding mahr as long as it’s acceptable and doesn’t burden the groom or bride. 

Guest List
To arrange the guest list, set the maximum number of guests that you’d like to invite, then decide on the names. Remember, the number of guests that you invite must be doubled with the catering orders. If you set the same number of guests with the number of plates, there’s a high probability that several guests will run out of food. This rule only applies to couples who plan for a wedding with a buffet, not a seated wedding. If you want to cut the costs, you and your significant other must limit the number of guests, perhaps by inviting your closest family and friends. 

That’s the complete checklist for perfect wedding planning that all couples should follow. If the budget stands between you and your perfect wedding, don’t fret because PermataKTA is here to help you make your dream wedding come true. The requirements are easy with 100% online application via PermataMobile X. You can get cash loans up to Rp300 million with an interest rate starting from 0.88%. Apply for PermataKTA and have the best wedding day with your loved one!

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