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This is the List of Eid Al Fitr Necessities You Need to Prepare!

May 13, 2022
4 Minutes

Before Eid Al Fitr, we will be busy with various activities, one of which is calculating the budget to be spent on the big day for many purposes. Although you have received your holiday bonus, make sure that your spending is not over budget and still safe until the end of Eid.

Therefore, you should take note of the list of Eid necessities below so your finances will remain safe when celebrating the Eid Al Fitr. To get more profits when shopping for Eid necessities, you can open a PermataME online account!

Zakat Al Fitr and Alms
The first Eid necessities that need to be done as Muslims is to pay alms and zakat. Many types of zakat, from charity zakat, professional zakat, and Zakat Al Fitr, are paid before Eid. It’s better to pay zakat right after receiving your holiday bonus so you won’t forget.

Other than zakat, it would be best to calculate additional costs such as holiday allowances for your relatives, especially for relatives with children, like cousins, nieces, nephews, and other relatives. As a note, you don’t have to compete with other relatives regarding the number of allowances you give. The most important thing is to adjust it based on your budget.

Holiday Bonus for Your Household Assistant
If you have a household assistant to help with all household chores, don’t forget to give them a holiday bonus. Remember, your household assistant is an important figure for you and your family in your daily life. Therefore, it’s best to give them additional funds to enjoy their homecoming with family and loved ones in their hometowns.

The nominal given is based on the needs. However, it’s better to provide at least the same amount of salary that the assistant receives every month. When giving the holiday bonus, give it days before your assistant goes home, like two weeks before Eid. There’s nothing wrong if you also provide additional gifts to your household assistant for their services.

Travel and Homecoming Necessities
Another list of homecoming necessities that need to be budgeted early is the homecoming cost and transportation needs, mainly if you use public transportation like buses, trains, and planes. Remember, usually, there is an increase in the ticket prices before Eid. Therefore, you can make a simulation of cost calculation.

Not only for public transportation users but this should be done by people who use private vehicles. Start by calculating the fuel consumption during the trip, the vehicle maintenance cost before the trip, and the emergency cost if there is a problem with the car when you travel to your hometown.

Various Foods and Drinks
During Eid, your families and relatives will come to visit your house. To honor them, you can serve food and drink to them. Usually, most people serve pastries and Eid food specialties such as ketupat, chicken opor, etc.

You can cook or make the food and drink yourself to save the expenses. Bear in mind that you should have enough time. If you need to buy the food and drink, make sure that the budget is proper. If possible, take advantage of good promos like discounts from certain bank account providers if you make transactions using their services.

New Clothes for Eid Al Fitr
Eid usually means new clothes. So it’s no wonder that many people put the cost of new clothes to the list of Eid Al Fitr necessities that they cannot miss. However, new clothes are optional or not mandatory to have during Eid. You can still wear other clothes that are still proper and decent.

But, there’s nothing wrong with looking more attractive with something new for the holy day. Set aside some budget to buy clothes for family and relatives in your hometown. Remember, these clothes don’t have to be expensive. The most important thing is that the clothes have value and are in good condition. It’s better to buy those clothes while using the Eid discounts and promotions to save your expenses.

Hampers for Your Families
The list of Eid necessities that is no less important is a hamper. Just like the new Eid clothes, this list is optional or can be bought when all priority necessities have been met and done. For example, you still have some leftover from your Eid money after paying alms and saving in a bank account.

You can give hampers or gifts to work colleagues, relatives, and loved ones to show that you care about them. These days, hampers are available in various packages to choose from. Try to select hampers that have a long-term value for the recipient.

So, have you written down and calculated your list of Eid necessities? With many things to buy, it’s essential to get the best profits when shopping. You can get them by opening a PermataME account online through PermataMobile X.

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