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Online Shopping On Budget? Top Up ShopeePay on PermataMobile X

May 06, 2021
3 Minutes

Online shopping has become a part of our lifestyle today. Whatever your needs and desires are, you can definitely buy them online through an e-commerce platform in Indonesia. What’s better, you no longer need to leave the house or queue at the cashier, since the items purchased will be delivered directly to your doorstep.

One of the biggest e-commerce in Indonesia is Shopee which not only sells domestic goods, but also imports goods from abroad. Shopee also has an e-wallet service called ShopeePay. Good news for you, now topping up ShopeePay can be done practically using the top up feature on the PermataMobile X application.

Top Up E-Wallet in One Application
PermataMobile X continues to develop the latest features for the convenience of cash and cashless transactions. PermataMobile X now presents the latest e-wallet top up feature, namely the ShopeePay top up feature. Now, you can easily top up e-wallets such as ShopeePay, OVO, GoPay, DANA, and many more. Everything can be done in one application.

The benefit that you can enjoy from this feature is that you don't have to leave the house to top up ShopeePay anymore. Without having to look for an ATM or visit an Indomaret/Alfamart, you can sit comfortably and top up ShopeePay which will be debited directly from the PermataBank savings account registered on PermataMobile X. Transactions are guaranteed to be secure! You can shop online at Shopee easily using ShopeePay, just put the item in your cart and checkout.

Get Shopping Cashback at Shopee
It’s easier and safer, you can also get additional vouchers and cashback when you make online shopping transactions using ShopeePay. One of which is more free delivery vouchers at Shopee, specifically for transactions at Shopee using ShopeePay. Online shopping at Shopee and at offline merchants is even more economical by using ShopeePay, which you can top up easily on PermataMobile X.

How to Top Up ShopeePay on PermataMobile X
To top up ShopeePay on PermataMobile X, there are simple steps you must do. Log in first to the PermataMobile X application. Then, select the Top Up menu. There, you can see several top up options, choose ShopeePay. Next, enter your mobile number and press the OK button. Select the PermataBank account that you want to use to top up ShopeePay.

Enter the top up nominal (minimum IDR 10,000) and press OK. You will see information that includes the name and ShopeePay account that has been inputted, make sure it is correct. Select Confirm Top Up and enter your Mobile PIN. Press OK and ShopeePay top up is successfully done.

Enjoy all the convenience of transactions at your fingertips. Download the PermataMobile X application now to top up various e-wallets in Indonesia. Online shopping now becomes easier, safer, and faster with PermataMobile X. Let’s become a digital generation with the e-wallet top up feature on PermataMobile X mobile banking application!

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