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Paying Bill of State Revenue is More Flexible with PermataMobile X

Jan 03, 2023
4 Minutes

PermataMobile X is a mobile banking app that offers hundreds of features to facilitate customers of PermataBank to do transactions. One of them is MPN or State Revenue Module, which assists customers in fulfilling their responsibilities as a citizen. How does this feature of PermataMobile X work?

What is MPN or State Revenue Module?
MPN, or State Revenue Module, is a modern state treasury management system designed by the Directorate General of Treasury of the Ministry of Finance. The system uses SSO (Single Sign-On) method, which will give a billing code in every payment transaction. 
With the existence of this system, every citizen that has a mandatory involving state revenue will be able to make payments through various integrated platforms. 

MPN Feature in PermataMobile X
This system is already available on the PermataMobile X banking app through the State Revenue Module. This feature also has used the newest MPN system, the MPN G-3, and the integrated billing system with the database of the Directorate General of Treasury of the Ministry of Finance.

With this support, customers of PermataBank only need to input billing numbers when wanting to fulfill mandatory state revenue, such as tax payment and retribution.

Payment Type Provided in MPN Feature N PermataMobile X
MPN PermataMobile X feature has offered several options for the billing system of state revenue, as below:

  • Passport Bill Payment
    MPN feature can help customers pay passport bills, either for the newly-made one or an extension in immigration or online. Customers can also make this passport bill payment through the PermataMobile X banking app by inputting the billing code given by the immigration office. 
  • KUA Payment
    For future bride and groom who plan to hold a marriage contract signed outside of KUA, there is a mandatory to pay the administration fee, which will be included in the state revenue and not taxed by the Ministry of Religious Affairs of Indonesia. Customers can now make this payment through PermataMobile X. To do it, you need only input the coded billing earned after marriage registration in KUA.
  • E-Ticket Payment
    Customers can also use PermataMobile X to pay their electronic ticket (e-ticket) committed by violators who get the blue-colored one (ticket whose violator has admitted their mistake and is willing to pay for the fee). The code billing for this bill can be found at www.tilang.kejaksaan.go.id. There you can input the number written on your ticket. 
  • Annual Tax Payment
    Customers can now make income tax payments (PPh), such as PPh21, PPh 22, PPh 23, PPh 24, PPh 25, dan PPh 29. Additionally, the MPN feature in PermataMobile X can make other tax payments through Pajak Online. The code billing for tax payments is on djponline.pajak.go.id.
  • SBN Payment
    Customers can use the MPN feature in PermataMobile X for SBN payments or national securities. SBN is an instrument of investment given by the Indonesian Government every year. This payment can be made by only inputting the coded billing provided by licensed Securities Companies. 
  • PEMDA Retribution Payment
    Through the MPN feature, customers can also pay bills for service permits given by the local government (PEMDA), whether for personal or organizational purposes. One example is paying the ticket bill for the Implementation and Development of Parking Facilities. You can fill the coded billing with a Retribution ID, deposit slip number (STS), or local retribution slip number (SSRD).

MPN feature or State Revenue Module in PermataMobile X grants additional flexibility for all customers to pay off any state revenue bill, such as income tax to an e-ticket. This feature is designed according to the Directorate General of Treasury of the Ministry of Finance. All of the convenience is right before your eyes through the PermataMobile X banking app.

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