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Batavia Technology Sharia Equity USD

Apr 10, 2022
4 Minutes

A safety net is a term that has recently become increasingly popular among the people of Indonesia. During the pandemic, the economic impact was so bad that many people became aware of the importance of careful financial planning. On the one hand, this encouragement also opens insight for investors, both beginners and experienced, to strengthen their investment portfolios.

Currency values are vulnerable to inflation risk. Unfortunately, it is happening in the era of the pandemic. Every day, more and more investors worldwide are looking for the latest investment products with attractive prospectuses. The earlier we start investing money in a potential industry, the bigger the returns.

Seeing this trend, PermataBank creates new opportunities for Indonesian investors to invest in sharia globally. In collaboration with Batavia Prosperindo Asset Management (BPAM), a thematic mutual fund product that is technology-oriented and environmentally sustainable friendly was launched: the Batavia Technology Sharia Equity USD (BTSEU).

US Dollar Denominated Sharia Mutual Funds Focusing on Technology and Sustainability
Mutual funds are one of the investment instruments with the highest ownership level in Indonesia, especially during the pandemic. The mutual fund holdings increased 2.62% during the pandemic. This data shows people's enthusiasm for the latest investment products.

Batavia Technology Sharia Equity USD is a choice of sharia-based equity mutual funds so that its principles and management are supervised by the Sharia Supervisory Board (DPS). Another exciting aspect of this new mutual fund product is its global coverage in US dollars.

The technology industry attracts public attention and has a very high success projection. We also feel how technology helps us in our daily lives during the pandemic, even in the smallest things.

This is the reason why Batavia Technology Sharia Equity USD specifically allocates investment funds to fast-growing technology industries, such as cloud computing, the Internet of Things (IoT), and e-commerce. Moreover, this mutual fund product also focuses on developing technology that implements ESG (Environment, Social, Governance) sustainability values.

Batavia Technology Sharia Equity USD has a technical advisor from Franklin Templeton, one of the largest investment firms in the United States. In other words, this mutual fund investment is managed by professionals who have decades of experience in their field.

Advantages of Investing in Batavia Technology Sharia Equity USD
Batavia Technology Sharia Equity USD is a sharia mutual fund product with several benefits. This mutual fund investment uses the US Dollar currency, which is more stable than the Rupiah currency. The reason behind it is to make sure the investor gains more return for the long-term investment both for Indonesian and the US companies.

This investment is suitable for anyone because it is under sharia principles. The potential returns are also quite attractive because they take advantage of the development, advancement, and use of technology and communication services. These two industries have a positive track record of growth despite crises like a pandemic, especially considering that Batavia Technology Sharia Equity USD is supported by Franklin Templeton's experience and global capabilities.

Lastly, Batavia Technology Sharia Equity USD investment is not subject to tax at all. This is the right choice for those who want to diversify their investment and risk distribution.

How to Purchase Batavia Technology Sharia Equity USD Products
Eager to invest in Batavia Technology Sharia Equity USD? PermataBank customers can purchase Batavia Technology Sharia Equity USD products starting from February 16th, 2022. The process is easy, and you can do it online. Download the PermataMobile X mobile banking application and select the mutual fund product you want. Apart from PermataMobile X, you can also make purchases through PermataNet.

Smartly managing personal finances has now become so easy. With the Batavia Technology Sharia Equity USD mutual fund product, you can enrich your investment portfolio. Grow your assets wisely with PermataBank using Batavia Technology Sharia Equity USD, fully managed by BPAM!

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