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Teach Children Shopping with Logic

Jan 25, 2020
3 Menit

Shopping for daily home needs is a routine family activity every month. Therefore, parents can use this moment to introduce your children about the importance of logic in shopping from an early age. The ways are:

Give an example

Make a shopping list, then buy items together with your children according to the list that has been made. You can also explain the logic in shopping, such as not to add items that are not needed.

Be Careful with Prices

It's ok to discuss about price while shopping with your children. Other than that, you also can choose a place that supports your child's shopping logic. For example, in Giant or Hero, you will get a 20% discount every Monday-Thursday for fresh products using the PermataHero Card, or 5% discount on private label products. There is also a 3.5% cashback for every purchase in the Hero Group. You even still get 1.5% cashback with PermataHero Card although shopping elsewhere.

Keep calm As a parent

You will certainly face a moment when their children whine for something while shopping. If this happens, explain to your child calmly and rationally that the current budget is for other more important needs.

Watch the child

Always watch your children when you’re shopping or doing other activities, so that children can learn to See you. If you are busy because have to pay bills, use Bills to Pay on PermataMobile Credit Cards to pay bills.

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