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Top 8 Global Universities, Prepare the Funds ASAP

Mar 08, 2021
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Continuing education to a higher level is a dream for all. It’s a common secret that the university we choose now will be the key to success in the future. Therefore, there’s nothing to lose to try your luck in applying for the top global universities. To help you choose, here are the top 8 global universities in 2021 according to QS University, so you can start preparing the funds from now on!

Ranking in the first place is Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT). MIT is a university that is most known as a world-renowned research and technology university. Its popularity may fall behind Harvard or Oxford, but QS University has placed MIT as its world’s best university since 2013. Its architecture, technology, chemical engineering, mathematics, economy, information system, and linguistic programs are considered the best in the world. 

Stanford University
Next, there’s Stanford University ranking in second of the top 10 global universities. Stanford University is located in Silicon Valley California, United States, and has been operating since 1891. This university has graduated numerous world’s influential scientists and tech entrepreneurs. Several alumni of Stanford University are former President of the United States John Kennedy and the CEO of Tesla and SpaceX Elon Musk.

Harvard University
The name Harvard University is no stranger to most people. Harvard University was the oldest institution in the United States and was established in 1636. The superiority that Harvard University has is in its science and medical as well as social and management programs. The most famous Harvard University alumni are Barack Obama, Michelle Obama, the founder of Facebook Mark Zuckerberg, and the founder of Microsoft Bill Gates. 

Caltech University
Unlike the previous universities, Caltech University has a smaller student capacity. Nevertheless, Caltech University has a glowing reputation in the field of STEM, mainly in chemical engineering, biology, chemical, marine and aquatic science, natural sciences, physics, and astronomy. Not just its students, Caltech is also a home for numerous teams of researchers that work in scientific fields. 

University of Oxford
Moving on from the United States, the next top global university according to QS University is the University of Oxford which’s located in England. This oldest university in England has several famous study programs, from archeology, anatomy and physiology, geography, literature, and humanity. Its campus is also very iconic due to its beautiful scenery near the Thames River in England. 

ETH Zurich
Still located in the European continent, the next university is ETH Zurich which’s located in Swiss. This science and technology university is well known as the center of education and innovation in Europe. The most famous alumnus who had studied at ETH Zurich is Albert Einstein who was nicknamed as the world’s genius. The language used in the teaching and learning activities here at ETH Zurich is German. So, before you start studying at ETH Zurich, you better hone your German language skill. 

Imperial College London
The eighth world’s best university according to QS University is Imperial College London. Established in 1907 by Prince Albert, this university is different from others in England. The main focus of the Imperial College London is science, technology, medical, and business. Compared to 2020, Imperial College London has managed to be one step higher in this year’s rankings.

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