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7 Tips to Become a Pro Gamer, Revenue Up To Millions of Rupiahs!

Mar 08, 2021
3 Minutes

In this digital era, more and more new professions start to arise. One of which is pro gamer. Pro gamers can be defined as professional game players. Previously, a lot of people had a negative outlook regarding this profession when in fact this profession has a glowing future. 

As a pro gamer, you can have revenue up to hundreds of millions per month. Wait a minute, before you start this profession, there are 7 tips on how to become a pro gamer that you should follow! What are the tips? Let’s check them below!

Build Commitment to Become a Pro Gamer
Every profession must be done with full commitment; this also applies to working as a pro gamer. How can you build the commitment to become a pro gamer? One thing to do is have faith and tenacity in working as a pro gamer. Embed the belief that this is the best career choice for you. 

Since this profession is still looked down upon, a strong commitment can be your savior whenever you start doubting yourself or want to quit. By having a strong commitment to being a pro gamer, not only will you have a strong mentality, but you also have more spirit to hone your gaming skills. 

Excel in Your Favorite Game
As a game lover, you must have a long list of favorite games. However, you can only pick one favorite game out of the bunch. By picking out one favorite game, you are more focused to hone your skills so you can excel in this game. Excelling in this game is also a level of commitment to becoming a pro gamer. By doing so, you can concentrate more on a specific skill set. You will no longer be burdened with a responsibility to excel in other games.

Set Gaming Schedule
Even though it takes time to level up your gaming skills, you have to set a schedule to maintain the balance in your life. Moreover, there are many pro gamers who started their careers in their teenage years and are still in school. You need to be smart in setting the time to play games, study, socialize, level up your skills in other fields, and spend quality time with your loved ones. 

Join in Gaming Community
Becoming a pro gamer doesn’t mean that you need to work alone. You can join a gaming community that offers various benefits. In this gaming community, you can learn tricks and strategies in games that you play, sharing information, and even building your own team of players. By joining the community, you won’t ever feel lonely in games. You can get support from fellow pro gamers so you can stay passionate in playing games.

Participating in Gaming Competition
Your skills in playing games cannot be measured if you only play by yourself. If you are sure and confident in the skills that you have, it’s time to join a gaming competition. By participating in the gaming competition, you will be aware of how good your skills are and learn from other pro gamers. Even when you’re defeated, you still can gain knowledge to fix your flaws in playing games. 

Build and Maintain Reputation as Pro Gamer
In any kind of profession, building and maintaining a reputation is a crucial task. A good reputation as a pro gamer will ensure that you take the best steps in your career. Furthermore, a good reputation can also give you advantages, such as an invitation to join a higher rank team, becoming an influencer for amateur gamers, and sponsorships.

Support Your Career with Gaming Equipment and Stable Internet
If you’re serious about becoming a pro gamer, then don’t hesitate to reach deep into your wallet and buy gaming equipment that will support your gaming career. Start by buying a high-tech computer device with great specifications. Use a computer with the newest processor, sharp graphic resolution, and high-capacity RAM. Once you have this computer, don’t forget to pay for stable and fast internet. After all, a good computer won’t do anything without a reliable internet connection, right?

Unfortunately, a complete gaming equipment set and stable internet are very pricey. Don’t lose hope, PermataKTA is ready to help you make your dream to become a pro gamer come true. Registration for PermataKTA is 100% online via PermataMobile X app, available now on Google Play and App Store. With interest rates starting from 0.88% and cash loans up to Rp300 million, you can buy a gaming computer and other gaming equipment to support your pursuit in becoming a pro gamer!

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