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6 Wedding Trends from the New Normal Era

Sep 30, 2020
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The adaptation to new habits has definitely pushed many activities into an indefinite state. From plans to take a vacation abroad, see a live music concert, or perhaps a wedding that you have been planning for months before. It’s understandable that this becomes a not so pleasant news to you who have wished to hold a dream wedding.

Fortunately, in this current situation, weddings are allowed to be beld. But, weddings must follow closely to the health regulations. What kind of wedding trends are available in this adaptation to the new habits? 

Virtual Preparations
You would normally meet directly with the wedding planner team, but now these meetings are done virtually due to the corona virus pandemic. You and your partner must be on standby in front of your smartphone or laptop to “meet” with the wedding planner. To make sure that the communication runs smoothly and the preparation is in accordance with the plan, you should have a fast and stable internet connection.

Intimate Wedding Concept
Apart from virtual meetings with the wedding planner, you are also restricted in terms of inviting the guests to your wedding. This is because the Surat Edaran Menteri Agama Nomor 15 Tahun 2002 that obliges all weddings to invite only 20% of the maximum capacity of the wedding location. Also, the wedding guests must be less than 30 people.

Therefore, the intimate wedding concept, where only the closest friends and family are invited, is the most appropriate wedding trend during this new normal era. You can invite your main family, your partner’s main family, as well as your closest friends.

Live Streaming via Social Media
It’s sad to think that you are unable to invite as many people as you wanted before to your wedding. However, for the sake of everyone’s health and safety, the regulations from the Ministry of Religious Affairs must be obeyed. In the topic of wedding guests, you can invite them to watch your wedding through live streaming on your or your partner’s social media account. Let the live streaming be handled by the wedding planner team or one of your family members.

Prepare Strict Health Protocols
On your wedding day, make sure that you have prepared strict health protocols for every single guest. Yes, even though the guests are your family and closest friends, it’s necessary to follow the enacted health regulations from the government.

Before entering the venue, every guest must go through a temperature check station. Afterwards, ask all guests to wear masks, face shields, or other protective gears that can cover the face area. Due to the current situation, it’s best to not shake hands or any hand touching gestures during the ceremony.

Sanitize Before and After the Wedding
Apart from asking all guests to wear masks or face shields, it’s also important to ask them to bring their own hand sanitizers. This plea to bring hand sanitizer can be written inside the invitation. If there are some guests who forget to bring one, you can set up a hand washing station or a specific spot to spray the hand sanitizer on guests before entering the venue.

Outdoor Venue is the Better Option
Looking back, there are several cases of virus transmission in an indoor environment and air conditioned rooms. That’s why, if possible, you should opt for an outdoor venue for your wedding. An outdoor wedding venue will make guests feel easier to do physical distancing. Moreover, an outdoor venue creates better air circulation, minimizing the risks of virus transmission.

It is advised to arrange your wedding in a seated dinner format rather than a standing party. A standing party elevates the risks of people moving in large groups.

Your wish to hold a wedding amidst the adaptation to the new habits can still be realized. As long as you obey the health protocols and keep protecting each other, the pandemic won’t be an obstacle for your dream wedding. More importantly, have you prepared the wedding fund? Even though the wedding will be held with minimum guests, it still costs a lot of money.

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