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6 Safe and Comfortable Tips to Prepare for Eid Homecoming Using Private Car

May 13, 2022
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Homecoming has become one of the traditions for Indonesians before the Eid Al Fitr. After being prohibited in the past years due to the pandemic, starting from 2022, the government allows people to go back to their hometowns using private vehicles with strict protocols and regulations. So, what are the Eid homecoming preparations you should consider? One preparation you can easily do is to prepare the mobile banking application!

Study the Government’s Regulations
Your first homecoming preparation is to study all regulations issued by the Government related to the homecoming policy in the middle of the pandemic. So, it’s essential to the Government’s rules regarding homecoming trips during the COVID-19 pandemic on top of traffic and other additional regulations.

One homecoming rule you need to pay attention to during the COVID-19 pandemic is vaccination. Before going back, try to make sure that you and your family have received the booster shot. This will be one of the homecoming requirements so your family and the rest of your kin in your hometowns will get the same safety and comfort.

Mandatory Implementation of Health Protocols
Second, always implement health protocols during the Eid homecoming journey with your family. This homecoming preparation includes wearing a mask when in a crowded place and washing your hands with soap or hand sanitizer before eating.

It is also a good idea to bring enough spare masks for you and your family members while traveling on a long journey. Don’t forget always to bring medicines, vitamins, or even other complementary health supplements to keep your body fit.

Check Your Car's Condition a Few Days Before the Trip
The following safe and comfy homecoming preparation is to ensure that your car is in prime condition. You need to check it at the closest authorized auto repair shop days before making the homecoming trip. By doing this, you will know if any terrible damages need to be addressed immediately.

Parts of the car that need to be inspected include the lighting parts such as headlights and turn signals, the brake systems, tires, and the oil. You also need to check the car's interior, such as the seats and airbag. When the vehicle has been inspected and serviced, you and your family can feel at ease during the homecoming trip.

Bring Enough Food and Drink
Fourth, don’t forget to prepare enough food and drink stock for everyone. The road conditions cannot be predicted, especially before Eid Al Fitr. The volume of vehicles is rising, and you can get stuck in traffic. This situation tends to make people hungry and thirsty and even lose concentration.

Bringing enough food and drink by yourself has many benefits. You can save money and don’t have to worry about having trouble finding food, especially when bringing small children or when entering iftar time in traffic.

Don’t Force Yourself when Tired
Aside from the car’s condition, the next homecoming preparation tip is also essential: checking your body’s condition so you will always be fit on the trip. It’s best not to force yourself to continue the journey when your body is tired, especially when making a long trip. It would be best to rest after driving for 4-5 hours.

If you are sleepy, pull over your car for a while or stop at a rest area to sleep and stretch out your feet. You can also use this chance to pray. Driving will be safer and more comfortable in a fitter and fresher condition. As for the other passengers, make sure they are also fit to continue the journey.

Use Digital Banking Application for Easy Transactions on the Road
The last homecoming preparation is to make sure that you bring enough cash. However, in this digital era, preparing only cash is not enough. You also need to have a digital banking application to make it easier to fill up your vehicle with fuel, service your car, or buy food while at the rest areas.

One of the mobile banking applications that you can depend on when going back to your hometown is PermataMobile X. This application offers hundreds of features that you can use for various transactions. You can transfer money in seconds, pay your needs, and withdraw cash without an ATM card in every Indomaret outlet with the mobile cash feature.You can even send money to your relatives through the WhatsApp Gift feature. Other than that, the login process is easy with the support of the fingerprint feature. So, you don’t have to worry about emergencies during the homecoming trip since you can have a safe, comfortable, and smooth transaction thanks to the PermataMobile X digital banking application. 

After you’ve done those six homecoming preparations above, it’s time to save energy for the trip. Don’t forget to follow the traffic rules and health protocols to be safe and comfortable during your homecoming trip. Have an enjoyable homecoming trip, and enjoy your time with your loved ones in your hometowns! Don’t forget to download the PermataMobile X mobile banking application before you go!


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