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6 Fun Independence Day Celebration Ideas at Home

Oct 06, 2021
4 Minutes

This year, the Independence Day celebration may feel a little bit different than the years before. But don’t let our spirit of independence drop because of the distance. The annual August 17th celebration can still be fun even if we do it at home. These are 6 ideas to celebrate Independence Day at home with your friends and family.

Visit Rumah Digital
The government has released a digital platform filled with exciting activities and events that you commonly see in the celebration of August 17th. It’s called Rumah Digital Indonesia. Inaugurated by the Minister of State Secretary, Pratikno; Minister of Communication and Informatics, Johnny G. Plate; and Presidential Special Staffer, Putri Tanjung; Rumah Digital Indonesia is designed with the concept of 360o virtual view of National Monument Park in Jakarta.

Inside, there is a Competition Arena containing exciting games such as tug of war competitions, cracker eating, areca nut tree climbing, and sack racing. There is also a Local Market that sells regional specialties in Indonesia, Digital Literacy Room, Adventures of the Archipelago & Face of Indonesia, and the National Stage. Make sure to visit Rumah Digital Indonesia because it’s only available until the end of August.

Watching Flag Ceremony
When we were students, the flag ceremony was a mandatory Independence Day celebration. But what about those who have graduated from school, when will we have a chance to experience the sacred flag ceremony again? Well, we can do that by turning our TV on at home and watching the Heritage Flag Raising Ceremony live at the StatePalace in the morning.

The official ceremony will be led by President Joko Widodo and conducted by the flag raisers. In this once-a-year moment, you can feel a strong sense of nationalism and respect for our beloved homeland. This is a safe way to celebrate Independence Day without having to go out. Also, don’t forget to raise the red and white flag on your house’s terrace!

Decorate the House with Red and White Colors
If there are usually gate decoration activities in several residential areas, it looks like you have to postpone any activities that involve crowds. However, it does not mean you have to completely give up decorating the house during the Independence Day celebration.

You do not have to decorate too much, you can stick with a red-white color theme for your interiors. For example, a red and white sofa cushion, a red and white accent candle on your table, a red tablecloth with white plates, and many more. If you like flowers, you can arrange red and white flowers in a vase too.

Make a Mini Competition at Home
Do you miss participating in competitions for the August 17th celebration? You can create the same amount of fun by holding a mini competition at home. Invite your family to participate in exciting competitions such as cracker eating competitions, sack racing, bursting balloons, or spoon marbles.

To add more fun, don’t forget to prepare the rewards. You can discuss it with your family beforehand. The atmosphere might be different from the usual celebration in your residence area, but you will still have the excitement of having fun and winning the game with your beloved family. If you are living alone, you can invite your friends or family to join a virtual competition.

Family Photo
Even though you can’t leave the house, you and your family can still have fun during the Independence Day celebration by doing a family photo session. It’s fun to mix & match the red and white outfits with family, making props or decorations, and acting out funny poses.

The photo session doesn’t have to be serious as long as the result looks good and funny. You can upload them on your social media after! Also, you can collaborate with your friends to create photos together by doing some editing work. This way, you and your friends will look like you were taking photos together in one room!

Indonesian Film Marathon
How about we celebrate Indonesia’s Independence Day by watching local films? There are many Indonesian movies you can enjoy with your family on a streaming platform like Netflix. If you currently live thousands of miles away from your family, you can watch Netflix together virtually via extensions such as Teleparty or Scener.

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