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5 Meanings of Independence for the Younger Generation to Emulate

Oct 06, 2021
4 Minutes

What is the true meaning of independence? Is it only about being free to do anything? Indonesia is a formidable country that is finally independent after experiencing the ravages of colonialism for hundreds of years. That is why the meaning of independence always holds a special place in Indonesian people’s hearts. At this moment, let’s talk about five meanings of independence that younger generations should embody.

Always Fight for a Better Life
If we look back at how hard the heroes fought to get an independent life, we can learn about their persistence in pursuing a better life. The challenges we face today are no longer about colonialism, but rather invisible enemies such as health threats, work pressures, the feeling of laziness, and wasteful money habits.

So, if the meaning of independence for Indonesia is freedom from colonialism, then what does independence mean to you? Let’s use this moment to reflect, what is your version of having a better life? You may want to start a family, get promoted at work, build your own business, or buy a house and a car. Whatever your answer is, promise yourself to keep working hard so that you can achieve all the goals in life that can lead you to a better future.

Never Give Up Pursuing Your Dreams
Over the years, Indonesia aims for different goals. They change from time to time. During the colonial period, the goal of the country was to be independent. Meanwhile, today Indonesia wants to be globally acknowledged as a country with strong economic growth. Whatever the goal is, it should be realistic and measurable. Once a goal has been achieved, you can cross it off of your list and replace it with a new one.

Indonesia has seen many heroes who fought for independence, improving the country with such perseverance, upholding justice, and recovering the country from threats such as a pandemic. If we are to continue battling those challenges, we cannot be careless nor give up. The habit of saving up, investing, and educating yourself with financial literacy will bring you one step closer to your goals. That is why you need to set your life goals now and let’s make them come true together.

Don’t Be Afraid to Try New Things
You only live once, so let’s live it to the fullest. That kind of spirit was what our heroes upheld to take this country to freedom. They did not want to just stand by a sideline and let themselves be colonized. With that spirit, they taught us that the meaning of independence is about encouraging ourselves to make difficult decisions and being brave to try new things.

Being afraid is normal, but that should not stop you from doing something new and taking risks. If you want to start or do something new, take your time to think about the pros and cons. Once you believe that this is beneficial for you and those around you, muster up your courage to start doing something new.

Tolerate Each Other
We are lucky to live in a country full of diversity, be it from ethnicity, culture, language, to cuisine. Since the colonial era, Indonesian people have embraced each other regardless of our differences. Mutual tolerance for others is what makes Indonesia unique, and it certainly has become our meaning of independence.
We may have different physical looks, but we all love our country and will always be proud to shout “Merdeka!” with all the spirits within ourselves. Don’t forget to always have respect for the people we meet. Regardless of socioeconomic status, skin color, language, education, and where we come from, we all are Indonesian citizens with the same rights and obligations.

We Can Do It Together, Indonesia!
During the 76 years of Indonesia’s independence, unfortunately, there are still many of us who underestimate the potential of our nation. The fact is that Indonesia has got a lot of achievements, especially from young people who provide local products and services that are no less great than foreign-made ones. Although they offer relatively cheaper prices, the product’s quality is incredible. That is why on this Independence Day, we should remember that Indonesia is great and we all can achieve whatever it is we want to achieve as long as we are together.

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