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Five Special and Affordable Christmas Present Inspirations for Your Family

Jun 05, 2020
5 Minutes

Christmas is a special moment where all family members gather and enjoy the holidays together. Christmas is known as a moment of happiness, especially with the gift exchange traditions. 

Not sure of what Christmas presents to give for your family? Or are you looking for one-of-a-kind presents that will be unforgettable? Read on below to explore five special Christmas present inspirations for your family!

Handmade Photo Frame
A handmade photo frame is a sweet and affordable gift that you can customize on your own. You just need a pair of crafty hands and the right tools. Plus, you won’t need to spend much money on this handmade gift. 

In the photo frame, select curated photos showing beautiful memories between you and the person you would like to give the gift to. Aside from the affordable price, memories from that photo will surely not be forgotten. 

Vector Face Illustrations
Other than giving a handmade photo frame, you can also give customized vector face illustrations as a special Christmas present to the ones you love. There are plenty of vector face illustrations services advertised on social media that you can contact anytime. This will surely be a unique and memorable gift that can be cherished for a long time. 

Customized Canvas Bag
Another idea that you can try to create as a special Christmas gift is making your own customized canvas bag. Other than being affordable, you’ll help to conserve nature by upcycling a used canvas. This makes a customized canvas bag the right gift to give to your closest ones and it can also be used anywhere to store anything. 

To make this canvas bag, you’ll have to have a certain skill in drawing or painting. No professional skill is needed, you can try out your own drawing style to decorate the canvas bag. The moments you draw onto the surface of this canvas bag will be the sweetest memories that will leave a mark for the person you give this to. This canvas bag can be worn anytime and anywhere by the receiver of the gift. 

Small Doll
Dolls can be another great option to give as a Christmas present. Small dolls are affordable and have great quality. You can also upgrade the dolls with your own additional decor to make it even more beautiful. Not only that, but dolls can also leave a sweet memoir for those who receive it. 

Kids Toys
This Christmas gift is for the kids. There are a lot of options that you can choose from if you want to buy toys for kids. You need to give the right gift based on the kid’s interest, be it a boy or a girl. Other than that, the price of kids' toys is relatively affordable. 

In addition, giving kids toys can also be one of the ways to spend time with them. You can gather together with the family and experience playing the new toys during the holidays. For instance, you can give presents that can be enjoyed together such as Legos, monopoly, or chess. 

Other than the above options, you can also send a  WhatsApp Gift from your PermataMobile X application by following these steps: open up your PermataMobile X app, select the transfer menu, select ‘Whatsapp Gift’, select the receiver’s cell phone number, enter the amount nominal you wish to send, and follow the next instructions. Practical and definitely beneficial. 

Merry Christmas!

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