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5 Cycling Etiquette on the Traffic

Oct 17, 2020
3 Minutes

Cycling is back on trend amidst this COVID-19 pandemic. It’s no wonder that you start seeing lines of cyclists along the traffic. Even more during the weekends, you’ll see many people riding their bikes. Are you interested in cycling too? If yes, make sure that you understand and follow the cycling etiquette on the traffic before you start riding your bike.

Check Your Bike Condition
The first cycling etiquette is important to ensure your safety on the road, as well as the safety of other cyclists. Make sure that you have thoroughly checked your bike condition before riding it. Check the tires to know whether you need to pump the tires or not. Also, check the saddle, pedals, and brakes. Make sure that the saddle is comfortable enough to be seated on for a long period, the pedals are smooth, and the brakes function properly.

Wear Safety Attributes
The next cycling etiquette that relates to the safety of all cyclists involved is wearing the safety attributes. Remind yourself to always wear a bike helmet as well as elbow and knee pads while cycling. While riding a bike, especially when crossing the crowded main road, a cyclist has higher risk of accidents than other cyclists. That’s the reason why it’s important to wear safety attributes every time you ride a bike.

Obey the Traffic Rules
The traffic rules are not just applicable to motorcycles or cars. Cyclists are required to understand and obey each of the traffic rules. This cycling etiquette is important because by obeying the traffic rules, you have also contributed in keeping road safety and order, along with all riders.

In any situation, make sure that you always stop at red lights. Stop right on the bike lane or the front of the road, if possible. Respect the pedestrians who walk along the pavements or cross the zebra cross. Try to stay on the bike lane instead of the pavements.

Share the Road
The main road is not a place for only cyclists. There are many types of vehicles that cross the road every day. That’s why it is important for you to understand the cycling etiquette, which is to always share the road with others.

On several main roads in the cities, there are special road markings that serve as bike lanes. If there is one nearby, then ride your bike along this marking. But if there is none to be found, ride your bike on the left side of the road. There should be two cyclists side by side and no more. This is to provide a bigger road for vehicles that move faster. 

Share the road, especially when you are cycling in a group. Cycling side by side and taking most of the main road will cause traffic congestion because other vehicles behind you move slower.

Mind Your Manners
The last one is the most important cycling etiquette, which actually applies to cyclists and all the road users. Make sure that you always mind your manners while going on the road. Avoid unnecessary conflicts and arguments, including chatting with other cyclists while riding your bike.

Chatting with other cyclists on the road is a dangerous habit because it can lower your concentration. You should only communicate and interact with others if the situation calls for it. Anytime you need to chat longer, it’s better to park your bike for a while.

The cycling trend is a healthy exercise to keep you healthy during the pandemic. However, keep in mind that the current condition is still in high risk of virus transmission. Therefore, if you are adopting this cycling trend, then prepare everything ahead. Start from the bike, cycling equipment, to items for the health protocol, such as face mask, face shield, and hand sanitizer. 

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