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4 Important Facts that You Should Know About Sharia Mortgage

May 11, 2020

A house is one of the basic human necessities. Unfortunately, buying a house is not easy since the price is not cheap. One way to buy a house that is popular today is to use Sharia mortgages. At present, there are quite a number of banks in Indonesia that offer Sharia mortgages. Here are some important facts about Sharia mortgages that you need to know about.

Using Margin/Profit Sharing/Ujrah Calculation
Sharia mortgage does not apply any interest system, but rather uses a margin calculation, profit sharing, or ujrah, depending on the contract. Various types of contracts make Sharia mortgages more applicable than other systems. The type of contract that will be used is depending on the users. In general, contracts for Sharia mortgage financing include sale and purchase agreements (Murabaha), lease-purchase agreements (Ijarah Muntahiyah Bi Thamlik), and contracts based on portion ownership agreements (Musyarakah Mutanaqisah).

Lower Down Payment
Another advantage of using Sharia mortgages is getting lower down payments. This one is certainly very profitable and suitable for you who still do not have a lot of savings and want to immediately have a house.

When using a product from Sharia mortgages, you only need to pay an advance of around 10%. The application process for Sharia mortgages also has easier conditions, fixed instalments, lower down payments, complete product variations and transparent margins, so that you can choose Sharia mortgages to own a house immediately.

Complete Product
PermataKPR Syariah has a complete and varied selection of products to suit your needs. For the purposes of mortgage financing with short and fixed tenure, you can use Murabaha based on the sale and purchase agreements.

As for mortgage financing with a longer tenure (up to 25 years), you can use IMBT/Ijarah Muntahiyah Bi Thamlik products based on the principle of lease-purchase or MMQ/Musyarakah Mutanaqisah, based on the principle of agreed partnership.

One of the best products of PermataBank is PermataKPR iB Bijak. PermataKPR iB Bijak innovatively utilizes 80% of your wise savings to get benefits in the form of a reduction in mortgage instalments or tenure. 

Transparent Margin
Another advantage of Shariah mortgage financing at PermataBank is transparent margins. The customer will get a transparent margin determination that can be checked at any time. The transparent margin given to the customer is a 12-month SBIS + 4.75%.

With a fast approval process, a maximum of only 5 working days (calculated from the submission of documents), you can get financing for your dream home. What are you waiting for? Own your dream home with PermataKPR iB now!

Islamic Home Ownership Loan with the ease of reducing loan principal from a saving balance

PermataKPR iB Bijak

Islamic home ownership loan with affordable installments and low down payment

PermataKPR iB MMQ

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