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4 Ways to Prepare Children's Education Costs

Mar 16, 2020
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As a parent it obvious to think in advance about the children’s education. It is even common now for the newly married to prepare for their kid's education later. It is better if the parents have a proper plan for this important issue to avoid unpredictable events in the future.

One thing about children's future education is obviously the cost. Especially when the cost of education needs now tends to increase. This is why you need to prepare for this special fund and here are four ways to do the funding for your children’s education cost as early as possible.

Savings is the easiest method to do but it requires consistency. You can do this saving for children’s education costs right after marriage, even though you are not about to have kids yet. You can start savings by a small amount. Set aside a few percent of you and your partner's income.

Note that this small amount will eventually get bigger by time as long as it is not used for another consumptive need. Try to be determined with this routine of saving money for your children’s education expenses. You will able to enjoy its later benefits when your child finally starts school by not have to worry about school expenses and all.

It may be similar with the savings methods, but by investing you can get more profits in return. By investing you can create a better chance for a brighter future for your children’s education. Because you will make more money that has been invested. It is indeed favorable for you.

The investment itself is an economic activity carried out to get profit in the future. It is different from depositing your money in a bank because the value of money you have put into investment will increase in a certain period. That way, you will get excess profits.

Investing your money can help you to avoid using the money for another purpose and not for the children's education. Because your money will be placed in a third party for a certain period. You can invest gold also, because of its value tend to be stable and even increasing. Besides gold, you can also start a mutual fund investment that starts with a lower amount of money, for only IDR100.000.

Insurance itself has many types including health insurance, life insurance, and education. You can use education insurance to prepare your children’s education costs in the future. Do not be mistaken between education insurance and education savings. Because the results of education insurance have a better chance to be allocated for the fund you insure are used as investment products. You can use insurance later when your children are about to go to school.

Submit a KTA
One more effective way to prepare for the children's education fund is to apply for a Personal Loan or KTA. KTA has facilities and guaranteed security. Especially when the KTA products are taken from banks which are an official financial institution that is registered and supervised by the OJK. Competitive interest and relatively fast withdrawing process make it perfect for your needs. You can apply for PermataKTA at Permata Bank. 

Why PermataKTA?
It provides a faster and easier submission process through PermataMobile X that provides a new experience in applying for PermataKTA at the Bank. You can submit by following the steps and provide the required documents such as e-KTP and NPWP for those of you who already have it. You will also get interests starting from 0,88% with cash up to 300 million IDR. The loan scheme is not too heavy because you will pay the same installments every month. Submit your PermataKTA via PermataMobile X now for planning your children's education fund!

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